‘Peeping Pimp’ suspect pleads guilty to simple assault after fight

Eddie Parks, Jr., center, and Tony Nelson, right, are led into City Hall Monday for their initial appearance in Starkville Municipal Court (Photo by Ryan Phillips, SDN)
SDN Editor

A Starkville man with a history of peeping tom arrests and other violent offenses pleaded guilty to simple assault on his wife’s son, who also pleaded guilty to the same charge, after the two were involved in a fight on Saturday night.

Municipal Judge Rodney Faver suspended a potential six-month jail sentence for 59-year-old Eddie Parks, Jr. and ordered him to pay a $150 fine after Parks pleaded guilty to the charge. Tony Nelson, the 42-year-old son of Parks’ wife, was given the same sentence.

Parks, who was arrested on two separate occasions in May on voyeurism charges, told Faver after submitting his guilty plea that the fight started after Nelson’s girlfriend came to his Nelson Street home Saturday night.

Parks shares the home with his spouse and Nelson, her son.

Parks said Nelson’s girlfriend was behaving erratically and was under the influence of crack cocaine, which spurred the argument.

He then told the judge the girlfriend left the house and told Nelson, who returned to confront Parks with a baseball bat. Parks said Nelson was angry because of the way Parks had spoken to his girlfriend.

According to court documents provided to the Starkville Daily News through a public records request, Parks armed himself with a pitchfork and the two men began to fight outside of the house.

Neither man was seriously injured in the fight.

Nelson and Parks both admitted to Faver that they had “made up” and the courtroom in City Hall even filled with laughter when Parks began listing the names of problematic “crack smokers” in the area where he lives.

Judge Faver then told Parks to notify the troublemakers causing problems in his home that “they can’t come back.”

There was also some confusion as to the prior history between the Nelson family and Parks.

The court mistakenly identified Nelson as “Antonio” Nelson, instead of Tony.

Tony Nelson said Antonio is his brother, who had been in trouble regarding Parks in the past, but told Judge Faver the fight Saturday night was the first time he and Parks had gotten into a physical altercation.

Judge Faver threatened both men with serious jail time if they appeared before him again after another altercation.

“I’m not going to constantly deal with this,” Judge Faver told Nelson. “You need to walk away, or (Parks) does.”

Parks and Nelson were both released following their initial appearance on Monday.

While the issue of the fight on Saturday was resolved Monday evening, Parks still faces accusations following the peeping tom arrests, which have earned him the nickname “The Peeping Pimp,” with local law enforcement due to his style of clothing.

Before the fight on Saturday, Parks’ most recent arrest came on May 15 after an incident at 416 Highway 12 East on the morning of May 4.

Parks was also charged with resisting arrest and damaging a police vehicle.

Prior to the May 15 arrest, Parks was arrested on voyeurism charges on May 7 after he was accused of entering an enclosed brick area on the property of Dominoes Pizza on Highway 12, before looking through a window in the Sprint Mart next door to spy on the occupants of the store. During the incident, police say he exposed himself.

In 2014, Oktibbeha County deputies also arrested Parks for voyeurism and noncompliance as a sex offender

While he has been on the radar of local police more frequently in the last month, Parks has a criminal history going back to a pair of burglary convictions in the 1980s.

Court records also show Parks pleaded guilty in 1997 to an aggravated assault charge earlier that year, after he was accused of hitting another man in the face with his fist and a bottle.