Best of Series: It's all about the bun at Mugshots

For the fourth year in a row, Mugshots has been named Best Burger in Mississippi, but that comes as no surprise to those who love the sourdough buns and gourmet patties.
Mugshots is one of seven local restaurants named in Mississippi Magazine’s Best of Mississippi Readership Poll, listed in their July/August issue.
“We are very excited about this honor,” said Sam Montgomery, general manager for the Starkville Mugshots. “When I was felt like it was our first award...We are just happy that people continue to visit and support Mugshots.”
Mississippi Magazine said “A tried and true favorite, Mugshots again rises to the top of Mississippi restaurants. Their diverse menu features a wide range of gourmet burgers, all served on a toasted sourdough bun. If you are up for a challenge, order ‘The Mugshot’ and attempt to finish it in 12 minutes. if you have time to spare, spend the evening with friends and savor one of their unique and tasty burgers.”
And while the menu says, “it’s all about the bun,” Montgomery is quick to point out that it is the Mugshots team that makes the restaurant successful.
“(I have to ) give credit where it’s due,” Montgomery said, “and that is to everyone who assists in preparing these gourmet burgers. Our team members believe in preparing good, quality food that they themselves would enjoy. When you have a staff that takes pride about what they are doing, then success follows.”
Starkville loves the McDonald burger. Montgomery said the McDonald (named after the original owner, not that world-wide fast food chain) leads the charge in the most popular burger on the menu.
The McDonald has an 8 oz. seasoned patty, loaded with bacon, cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, ranch, lettuce, tomato and red onion.
Montgomery said they have a similar burger with A-1 sauce and their homemade comeback sauce that is grabbing local attention.
For a taste of the best burger in Mississippi, stop by the Starkville location (if you can get a seat) on the corner of 101 N. Douglas Conner Street and University Street in downtown Starkville. Give them a call at 324-3965 or check out the website at