Digital archaeology program planned

For the Daily News 

Up until now, a wealth of antiquities have been hidden on the shelves of museums and unavailable to the public. 
The Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum will present guest speaker Dr. Paul F. Jacobs at 10 a.m. Saturday to discuss “Digital Archaeology and Digital Archiving.” He will describe how artifacts can literally be pulled out of the dirt and basements and presented more readily to researchers and the general public.
Jacobs is department head and professor of anthropology and Middle Eastern cultures at Mississippi State University . He is a specialist in Old Testament literature, biblical history and Near Eastern archaeology.
Through his field research and publication work, Jacobs has pioneered efforts to employ computer based technologies in archaeology.
“Up until now, many hidden treasures of museum, excavations and antiquities have not been available for viewing,” said Jacobs.   
“Digital technology enables museums and collectors an affordable way to present these finds, not just a representative few or the ‘pretty’ ones,” said Jacobs.  
The benefits for the researcher, and even for the casual browser, are potentially great and he will demonstrate a few of the latest digital archiving techniques.
In the past, Jacobs said archaeologists could afford to put into print as photos or as drawings only a small number of the items actually excavated.
Jacobs’ lecture is just one of several events planned to highlight Mississippi Archaeology Month.
Details about other events can be found on the Mississippi Archaeological Association’s website at
The Oktibbeha County Heritage museum is located at 206 Fellowship St. across from Odd Fellows Cemetery.
For more information, call 323-0211.