Hypnotist teaches EMCC students about the power of the mind


Some East Mississippi Community College students received an unconventional psychology lesson Thursday, when retired psychologist Ed Wallington gave a hypnosis demonstration and lecture.

Wallington, a 26-year army veteran, lectured about uses of hypnosis and the power of the human mind, before doing a clinical hypnosis session on six students.

“I’m going to begin to show you and prove to you how powerful your mind is, and all of this work will come together” Wallington said. “I’m going to use one of the tools I have called hypnosis.”
Wallington said hypnosis was defined as putting the conscious mind to sleep through the power of suggestion.

“There’s a bigger part of it,” Wallington said. “I also can create communication to and through the subconscious part of your mind.”

Wallington explained the practical uses of hypnosis in treatment of addiction and bad habits.

He then put five students under hypnosis and put them through various demonstrations, including making them think that their shoes were cell phones, making them laugh and cry at nonexistent cartoons and helping two of them with bad habits.

"I wanted to demonstrate to these young people the potential and power that they have in their mind," Wallington said after the presentation.

"To do so, we had to educate them, bring them up to speed so they could begin to comprehend their own powers,” he said.

EMCC Psychology Instructor and Social Sciences Area Coordinator Jill McTaggart said this was Wallington's second presentation at EMCC.

"He's the only one I've really had as a guest speaker," McTaggart said.

Wallington also emphasized that when used clinically, hypnosis is not a quick process, with some treatments lasting several sessions.