Maben sees broadband expansion

MABEN — AT&T is expanding its high-speed Internet services to more residents and businesses to the community, officials said Tuesday.
“Broadband is an essential part of our daily lives and serves as the gateway for receiving access to future technologies,” said C.D. Smith, Regional Director, AT&T, in a statement.
Smith said that Rep. Dannie Reed, R-Ackerman, advocated for AT&T to extend the availability of high speed Internet service to Maben and deserves credit for his commitment to the issue.
Reed “helped pave the way for this investment, and as a result of his leadership, AT&T is making a significant commitment to delivering more broadband technology to Maben consumers who will benefit from increased choices and innovative products,” Smith said.
“We believe that broadband access for all Americans is a key national priority. This latest deployment underscores our commitment to a national broadband plan to bring the benefits of access to American families,” Smith added.
“We’re excited that more citizens in the Maben area no w have access to DSL,” said Reed.  “For consumers at home and in school, AT&T’s broadband offerings can add real value to how we live and learn.”
For information, customers can visit or call (800) ATT-2020 to discuss individual service needs.