Prof talks Polish political atmosphere

For the Daily News

When Dr. Tomasz Haupt lived in Poland, the Communist Party Central government controled everything. He called it “central planning.” 
But the  government in Poland ignored some very basic principles, including what the people wanted.  The government felt they knew best, and for them, the ends justified the means. 
This was some of the remarks made by Haupt as he addressed the recent monthly meeting of the Starkville TEA Party.
Haupt shared a little about growing up in Poland and the political atmosphere in Poland that he feels parallels much of the changing politics in America today.
Haupt said by the late 1970s, all goods were rationed and government officials were arrogant.
“The government would not allow the free market to operate,” Haupt said. “Their central planning got in the way of self-regulatory systems in the free market.  So the government tried to force things with arbitrary decisions in the name of ‘social justice.’” 
He said the Polish government practiced redistribution of wealth and their policies killed incentives to work hard. 
“There was poor economic efficiency, corruption, and shortages and rationing of all kinds of goods,” Haupt said. “People would have to go early and stand in line, hoping to get what they needed. There was total dependence on the government by the populace.”
Haupt said Polish currency was manipulated by government, there was selective law inforcement, and over-regulation and control of individuals.  He said there was no freedom of speech and the only media was the state media. 
Haupt said that whenever central planning (arbitrary control by goverenment) is tried, it fails. 
“Many say that what happened in Poland cannot happen in America,” Haupt said. “However, we had better learn from what happened there.  The Niagra River is slow-moving, but there comes a time when the current becomes swift, and if one gets to that point, he can only react to try to avoid going over the falls. “
He parralleled our country with the Niagra, and said we need to act to stop the direction of our country before we get to the point of only being able to react. 
“Good values are important, and the election in November is important,” Haupt said.