SHS runners headed to state

Members of the Starkville cross country leave had an early weekend wake-up call this morning to participate in the Class 6A state meet.
The Yellowjackets left for Clinton and Choctaw Trails at 7 a.m. for girls competition at 11 a.m. and boys at 11:30.
With the crisp autumn air expected, SHS coach Caroline Woomer expects the runners to perform at their best.
"The runners are excited because they run better when it's colder," Albritton said. "They say this is real cross country season. If we run at 11 and 11:30, we'll probably have the best end of the deal."
The Jackets have taken the top 10 varsity boys and the top 10 varsity girls, but only seven will compete for each. There will be three alternates just in case and Woomer said there has been occasions where alternates have been used.
On the girls side, Walker Mattox has a chance to be the first SHS runner to finish and Woomer also expects Abigal Arinder, Anna Jackson and Ashley Albritton to do well.
"This is the fifth year for Ashley to go to the state and run," Woomer said.
Kamal Bostic, Joseph MacGowan and Jennel Ward are the top boys runners.