Starkville TEA Party discusses elections in November

Campaign manager for Alan Nunnlee, Mabel Murphree, said it is time for Republicans to start acting like Republicans.
“When we take back the Congress, we need to act like Republicans again,” Murphree said. “We need to be conservative.”
Murphree addressed members of the Starkville TEA Party Saturday in an effort to inform the political action group to encourage friends and family throughout the state to go to the polls and vote in November.
“If we (conservatives) don’t get out and vote, I don’t know if we are going to be able to save our country,” Murphree said. “If we don’t do something, we are going to be very tired of the results we get after the election.”
Muphree encouraged Starkville TEA Party members to mail out postcards she handed out to encourage voting; come to the phone bank in Columbus and help the committee make phone calls to encourage voting; and help candidates who share the TEA Party views go door to door yo encourage voting.
“The TEA Parties are making a tremendous difference in the politics of this country,” Murphree said.
Murphree said President Barack Obama’s Organize America program is very active in the Delta and in the Northern part of the state of Mississippi.
“They will get people to the polls,” Murphree said. “If we can get Alan and Bill elected, they can help Gregg Harper in Congress.”
Julia Hodges of the Mississippi TEA Party spoke on behalf of Second Congressional District candidate Bill Marcy, who is facing long time incumbent Bennie Thompson in the November election.
“Bill is not a politician,” Hodges said. “He has taken up the mantel, hoping he can make a difference.”
As a veteran policeman and a strong TEA party advocate, even establishing the Meridian TEA Party, Hodges said Marcy is “going to rock the state.”
“In 2nd District, people don’t like to vote in the primarys because they don’t want Bennie to know how they voted,” Hodges said. “People are afraid of him.”
Hodges encouraged the Starkville TEA Party members to get involved in the contested races in Congressional Districts 1 and 2 by contacting friends and family in those areas and encouraging them to get out and vote.
“We hope that there are no surprises in the ‘lame duck’ session after the November elections,” Hodges said. “There are things that you can do to help. Tell anyone you know that will be 18 by November 2 to get registered to vote.”

Members discuss the Restoring Honor Rally

Starkville TEA Party members Jane Vemer, Mary Cole and Rochelle McKibben were among the millions of TEA Party members nationwide who attended the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington D.C. recently.
“I was able to attend the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally in Washington and I was touched literally and physically by all the wonderful people there,” said Jane Verner. “I felt that if we could return home with these values, we could make a difference. Sometimes I think people are saying, it won’t do any good anyway, but, in that crowd, I knew that there are many others who feel the way I do. Please get involved!”
Cole was impacted by a book distributed at the rally entitled Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution. She explained the premise of the book and outlined a radical war over 80 years of American politics.
“The fight is on, and it is ongoing,” Cole said. “I can see from this book the actuality of how this war is being waged against us. We must get in the fight and stay in the fight!”