Supes: Budget too tight to buy road equipment

Oktibbeha County supervisors shook their heads “no” — for now — to an offer that could potentially save the public money during road construction season.
Jason Paas, who presented the Asphalt Zipper to the Board of Supervisors during Tuesday’s meeting, said the company’s machines can pulverize over 4,000 square feet of asphalt per hour.
The truck also works with gravel and cement.
“The most you’ll save is time, because you’re turning 20 minutes into three,” Paas said.
And for every 11 miles, the equipment saves $1.2 million.
But the supervisors hesitated, citing a tight county budget.
“We can’t get blood from a turnip,” said District 4 Supervisor Daniel Jackson.
Paas said that he often told, especially in Mississippi that public budgets are too tight.
Supervisors, however, did say they would seek advice from the county’s road manager, Victor Collins, on the feasibility of purchasing an Asphalt Zipper.
“Our road manager’s opinion would weigh the heaviest,” said board president Marvell Howard.
Members of the board also said they would consult other counties that have purchased the Zipper.