Taylor anxious to see how talents fit at MSU

Myah Taylor
Staff Writer

Not many players in the state of Mississippi’s history have accomplished the things Myah Taylor has over the last four years.
The Olive Branch point guard is a three-time Gatorade Mississippi Player of the Year after taking home the honor again earlier this month. She’s averaged over 20 points in each of her final two seasons but also finished with seven assists, six steals and six rebounds per contest.
Most schools nationally spent time recruiting Taylor during her career before she committed to Mississippi State in her junior season and signed with the Bulldogs last November. South Carolina and Tennessee were the only two Southeastern Conference schools who failed to offer, but both were close.
With all of her accomplishments considered, her favorite finally came earlier this month. Taylor helped lead the Lady Conquistadores to a Class 6A State championship over Starkville in a moment that she’ll always remember.
“It means everything," Taylor said of her state championship. "That moment outweighs everything else and I’m just glad that I got to spend it with my teammates. There was no better way to go out than with a state championship so I was excited to experience that in my last year.
“I couldn’t do it alone. I had teammates, my family and my coaches and they were there to support me along the way. It’s not about me. My teammates were always there to carry me when I wasn’t playing my best.”
There to see her accomplish the elusive feat was her future head coach Vic Schaefer and his assistants a few weeks ago. It wasn’t the first time Schaefer has watched his future point guard excel on the court as he’s followed her throughout the state of Mississippi over the last several years.
In front of thousands of fans at the Mississippi Coliseum, Taylor heard one voice among all of them. She’s grown accustomed to hearing that voice and it’s one that she’ll hear much more over the next four years. That voice feels like home to her now.
“There’s something about a coach’s voice," Taylor said of Schaefer's appearance. "You know you can pick it out among everybody. My parents sending me off to college, they need to be able to trust where I’m going. They found that with (MSU coaches) and I found that with them.”
Schaefer has been recruiting Taylor since she was a sophomore and has seen her game progress over the course of three years. While she’s well-rounded as a player, her passing ability has been the most impressive attribute along the way.
Many of her no-look passes or potential assists that go through tight windows aren’t received on the high school level. He expects her production to be even better when she gets to Starkville next year.
“So many of her passes right now don’t get caught," Schaefer said. "They’re going to get caught here at Mississippi State. I’ve seen Myah make some passes that I don’t think anyone saw them but her and a couple that she’s made that I thought only I saw. It’s going to be so much fun playing with a team full of kids that can catch and finish her passes and help her get more assists.”
The talented player isn’t without flaws, of course, and she’s never satisfied and wants to keep improving. There are several things she wants to clean up before joining the Bulldogs, but she’s looking forward to the competition right away.
Taylor comes right into one of the most experienced back courts in the SEC with a senior Morgan William and junior Jazzmun Holmes ahead of her next season.
“I’m working on my shot," Taylor said. "He wants me to handle the ball and be the leader as a point guard. I’m ready to take on the challenge. I play against some of the top girls in the nation and I know (MSU players) will push me. I’m ready to take that and learn from them. I look up to them.”
With a few months still to go, Schaefer is counting down the days in which Taylor makes her appearance on campus. He believes that Mississippi State’s brand will continue to expand with her on his team.
“Myah Taylor is special,” Schaefer said. “She’s going to be a tremendous asset, not only to our basketball program, but in our community and this University. She’s already been a great ambassador to the state of Mississippi and will continue in that role, but she’ll do it with Mississippi State across her chest.”