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Letter to the editor

July 18, 2014

From Ellen Kendall

Dear Editor,

Necessity is the mother of unpacking

July 15, 2014

By Zack Plair
SDN Editor

I’ve heard the saying: Necessity is the mother of invention. But it’s also the mother of unpacking your stuff.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: On school bond money

July 11, 2014

From Mark Guyton, Starkville

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: On school bond money

July 11, 2014

From Helen Sue Parrish, Starkville

In 1985 I served on the committee to pass the bond issue which provided for the restoration of the Greensboro Center. That bond money was raised to restore that building into the usable space that so many of us now enjoy. 

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A tribute to a great leader and friend

July 11, 2014

I first met John B. VanLandingham (Mr. Van as I knew him) in the spring of 1960. An attorney, William McKee, who was helping us with a family medical tragedy, arranged an interview for me with Mr. Van. I had just returned from the Army and was looking for work.

There’s no minute like the last minute

July 8, 2014

By Zack Plair
SDN Editor

Pick any sports reference you like — the ninth inning, 10th frame, fourth quarter, fourth-and-long — but I have an unhealthy tendency to wait until these moments arise to myself rise to the occasion.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Get people talking this World Population Day

July 2, 2014

From Angelique Fehr, Sturgis

On July 11 people around the world will be taking part in World Population Day to raise awareness about population issues. But here in the United States, we don’t talk enough about the specific effects our exploding numbers have on wildlife, the planet and our own future.

Crying the state another river

June 26, 2014

By Zack Plair
SDN Editor

Mississippi voters in the U.S. Senate Republican primary runoff Tuesday doled tea party candidate Chris McDaniel the Mr. Congeniality prize, instead advancing incumbent Thad Cochran closer to a seventh term.

Saying goodbye to a most unique friend

June 20, 2014

By Zack Plair
SDN Editor

Much of my first day working for the Starkville Daily News was a blur.

It was mid-February 2013, and I spent most of my day trying to find my bearings in a town about which I knew nothing as my newsroom staff sat in their cubicles trying to get a feel for this funny-talking Arkansan bogey that had been dropped into their routine.

What public service should really mean

June 11, 2014

By Zack Plair
SDN Editor

Whether this story is true, I don’t know. But I heard a speaker at a conference tell it once, and while I thought it was a bit extreme, I kind of liked the message.

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