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Tell all friends you love them

August 26, 2012


Take a moment of an opportunity to tell someone with deep emotion that you care and that you love them. You suddenly have seized, held within your own heart, eagerly, quickly and very clearly let another human being know that he or she was important in your life. This only took a second of your own life.

I have a first cousin on Mama's side of my family. He is Mama's sister's son, and he is Daisy Evelyn Pace's Vernon Pace's son who is William Lewis (Bill) Pace, medical doctor, an OB-GYN specialist. He practices medicine at Forest General Hospital in Hattiesburg. Bill recently sent me an e-mail that struck a sweet note playing a sweet tune in my soul and my heart. It did not have a title, and I suppose each of us can give it our own title. I shed a tear or two after I read it.

"Around the corner I have a friend/ in this great city that has no end/ Yet the days go by and weeks rush on/ And before I know it, a year is gone/ And I never see my old friend's face/ For life is a swift and terrible race/ He knows I like him just as well/ As in the days when I rang his bell/ And he rang mine but we were younger then/ And now we are busy, tired men/ Tired of playing a foolish game/ Tired of trying to make a name/ 'Tomorrow' I say! 'I will call on Jim/ Just to show that I'm thinking of him/ But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes/ And distance between us grows and grows/ Around the corner, yet miles away/ 'Here's a telegram sir,' 'Jim died today.'/ And that's what we get and deserve in the end/ Around the corner, a vanished friend.

Remember to always say what you mean. If you love someone, tell them. Because when you decide that it is the right time it might be too late. Seize the day, never have regrets. And most importantly, stay close to your friends and family, for they have helped make you the person that you are today.

Carole … I love you very much, Bill"

I thought about Bill's e-mail and went out our back door, headed towards the old screen door, and heard that special “slam” more like music to my ears that only a Mississippi back door sings. I could suddenly hear Mama saying, “Carole don't slam that back door letting the flies inside!” I was heading towards my vast and extensive hubcap collection in our back and south side of our family home that my own great grandaddy, Wiley Bartley Pearson built in 1911. I am deeply in love with hubcaps, and you should drive by and see my collection.

My good and dear friend Chip Templeton has found, bent down and brought me many of my most cherished hubcaps when he is out running. Chip has been on business and pleasure trips and spotted a hubcap on busy highways and country roads. He and his running buddies will spot, stop, lean down and collect me a new/old lost bent up, beat up or even brand new hub cap to add to my cherished and treasured hub cap collection that I call, “Chip's City.” Chip's City used to be a small little town, and has it has now grown to be a very big and continues to be a growing very progressive thinking city!

Each hub cap has a story of her very own. Sometimes Chip brings them up to breakfast at Starkville Cafe and with a twinkle in his eyes says, “Got you one!" He might say, “Got you three,” and I just put them in Frank's truck.

My heart skips a beat with excitement and joy, “Oh boy, I have a new/old hub cap.” Chip might say, “It's bent and beat up but still gorgeous,” or, “It looks brand new. I can hardly finish eating my large oatmeal and just gobble it down so I can skip out to see what Chip has found for me. Each hubcap he finds — either a very old used dull one or a very shiny new one — becomes my happy silver treasure. I skip out to find Chip's find for that day.

There is definitely a very extra special story hidden behind every one of my silver hubcaps. They each have had a life somewhere bumping alone the roads and hitting a pot hole ... slipping, falling and landing on the side, middle of the highway or country road, in a ditch or even in a tree limb or two to their final resting place.

On very pretty early morning when the sun rose brightly in the eastern sky I skipped outside to to Chip's city, hearing that old screen door slam behind me, and skipped down the eight old brick steps with my camera in my hand to photograph a hub cap or two. I went directly to an old chair that I had spotted myself and seized in a pile of junk just waiting for the garbage truck to take to the city dump that day. There was the neatest metal chair with a white and tan cushioned seat that I thought must definitely be salvaged, saved and used in our back yard.

Suddenly it became the perfect spot and home for a small piece of the middle of one of Chip's very shiny, lovely almost polished looking hubcaps. In fact the lost and discarded piece of hubcap looked most elegant leaning her body again on a now aging and faded white-metal-back-and-legs chair. I was exploring all the things in my yard for a possible and inspiring subject to photograph that morning when I spotted this sweet, cute, darling hubcap. She suddenly spoke to me, “Hey photograph me. After all, I used to have a real life bumping along the roadsides on a Ford automobile. Now I have the life of a royal princess just sitting and leaning my body back comfortably in a discarded old chair you found up the street as I sit with my other hubcap buddies."

I thought a minute and said to myself, she is definitely a cutey pie, and that shall be her special name, “Cutey Pie!” Let's take a look at what I saw and artistically created on that gorgeous morning in our back yard.

In less than one tiny second I snapped my camera lens, seized and captured the moment to now share what I experienced that day.

See the light, bright, almost cobalt sky. It was a cool early spring-like morning and the 102-year-old trees in the background of the sky have yet to get dressed in their spring/summer leaves. We know that spring is just around the corner. Now, let's skip and let our eyes go directly to the bottom of this artistic creation and flip flop our eyes back and forth from bottom to top of this photo. Look closely and you find the shadow that Cutey Pie's own body casts on the beige tan-and-white-stripped soft chair seat. Find the two metal white back pieces of the top of the chair. See the dark leaves in the shadows of the ground behind the chair. This is such a nice contrast of light and dark.

Now look inside the bright, and very shiny part of Cutey Pie. Look carefully at what you see in the mirror image. Find our back open garage and see the tail end of my silver car and my red tail lights. Now find and see my own image with my long sleeved brown T-shirt, white vest and long colorful scarf around my neck. My arm is bent hand and raised upward as I was snapping this photograph. Look at all the dark blacks, whites and other colors of red, dark greens, and coral pink that you can find within the silver metal of Cutey Pie's round body. Find the logo in the middle of her body! Cutey Pie is absolutely a beautiful very Southern girl! I remember Chip telling me that she was found on Old West Point Road.

A tiny little lost girl, she could have been a thrown away hubcap, bur instead her name is Cutey Pie and she helped me look deeply into my own life as I looked differently that day through her life of a piece of metal as she had fallen off a car and rolled over into the side of the road. Chip stopped dead in his track of his sweaty, busy running, leaned over, grabbed her and seized her with his folded hands. He took his time to pick her up just for me. A silly metal lost hub cap got a chance to spend the rest of her life smiling back at me sitting now in a thrown away metal chair with a cushioned seat.

Sometimes, somebody during the day will merely smile and give you a hug with only their eyes. With this one tiny smile and hug that somebody picks you up, brushes you off and says smiling and with their eye contact, “I Love You." Promise me that each one of you will today, right now, this very second, minute, and hour will seize the moment.

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