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Memories of a lifelong ‘Bulldawg’ fan

November 18, 2012


One of my fondest and dearest memories growing up on campus was having a date with my daddy to go to the huge Davis Wade football stadium to see the football game of the year with MSU playing our biggest rival, Ole Miss. The weather was cold, dreary and freezing outside. My feet, fingers and entire body were frozen before the score went final that Saturday afternoon.

I felt so honored to have a real date with daddy. I remember so well wearing a dark green felt hat with a red feather on the left hand side. I had ear flaps on the side that flopped down to keep my ears warm and cozy. I felt so dressed up in that hat, and if you know me I still have a great love affair with hats. I wear a hat every day, and I feel naked without plopping a hat on my head. I am known around town as “The Hat Lady," sometimes even “The Bag Lady,” too.

Daddy and I had a blast and cowbells were being rung loud and clear. They almost burst our ear drums that day because MSU won the game! The last sentence I heard the fans screaming was, “Go To _ _ _ _!” Ole Miss (You fill in those four letters!)

Daddy got us both hot dogs, peanuts and hot chocolate in big cups. I felt so dressed up the nines. Now, this was in the middle 1940s and the ladies dressed up like models to just go to a football game. It looked like each lady fan was trying to out do the other lady sitting near the overdressed one. Well, it is 2012 and our MSU football ladies are still dressing like the football game is a fashion show for the rough and tough action games on the field. Frank and I park our car at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church for $10 and walk toward the Davis Wade stadium about half a mile away. We know that our $10 goes to the church, and the walk is always so much fun. Why? Because I can check out what all the ladies, the co-ed's at MSU are sporting on game day. It's still a big fashion show with short mini skirts and cowboy boots, sparkling rhinestones on the back pocket of blue jeans, tight T-shirts and always lots of maroon and white colors everywhere. Women were liberated then in the 1940s and now even more liberated in 2012 for sure, and I say, “You go girl!”

We do bleed maroon blood, and our mascot is a bulldawg! I think a bulldawg is just about the cutest breed of a dog on the face of this earth. How could a person not just adore the saggy looking face of a real bulldawg? You would have to just fall head over heels in love with this breed of dog, agree?

The pictures on the front of the pocket size 2012 schedule foldout are of head coach Dan Mullen and players Jonathan Banks and Tyler Russell. On the back the players are Corey Bloomfield and Cameron Lawrence. Our last football game for 2012 is on Saturday against Ole Miss in Oxford. We want and we must bring home the Golden Egg. We are gonna win!

Let's read my creation from left to right as we read a sentence in a book starting at the left hand side and go to the bottom of the page ending at the right hand side.

At the end of the south side I have a collection of antique lanterns welcoming you into our porch. See the yellow and green lanterns hanging on the end of the side of the porch. The white wooden swing was built by my Papa Pearson. My mama and daddy “courted” in this swing before they were married, and it hangs exactly where it has always hung. It has that certain same “ole swing” squeak, too.

I designed my own extra-shocking football hat too. It is huge and all white straw with lots of white net which almost looks like a fluffy white cloud on top of my head. Maybe I'm trying to become an angel? The maroon ribbon is almost like a honey comb with the square holes in it. The ribbon is bendable and was lots of fun to work with as I designed my hat. Nestled inside all of the white net and maroon unique ribbon is a darling tiny baby sassy rubber bulldawg. She too has curly ribbons on her head. She is a tiny “Bully Belle” puppy! I have an maroon tank top on with a white crocheted vest on my shoulders and a pair of tan short overalls. I am holding a toddler ceramic Bulldawg with his maroon and white bow tie around his neck.

Leaning her head in my lap and sitting besides me in my swing is a large “Miss Bully Belle.” She is sporting a huge hot pink, maroon and white bow tied on her ear. See her one round hot pink rouge cheek? Tied on one of her ears are flowing and curly hot pink bows. The other paws are underneath her fat body. After the famous last football game of this year against Ole Miss she must go on a diet! Agree?

Mr. “Teenager” Bulldawg is hitching a ride on the back of “Miss Bully Belle” to head toward the Egg Bowl. He has a comfortable seat on “Bully Belle's” back. On the tip top is a first grader, little “Miss Bully Belle” and she is dressed to match her mama with hot pink, maroon and white frilly bows around her neck.

So here we all sit, "jest a swingin," waiting until kickoff time for the biggest game with our biggest rival on Nov. 24. Time is ticking on by until that day, and we as Bulldawg fans are getting in shape and ready for that big day ahead! We know that our bulldawgs are renounced for their power and boldness because a Bulldawg is tenacious and courageous. A Bulldawg is impetuous and aggressive.

We've got some dawgs up in here!

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