Peter's Rock Temple gives over 100 turkeys

With the help of church members, grocery stores, and Superintendent Joseph Hawkins, Peter's Rock gathered over 100 turkeys to give away. (Photo by Briana Rucker, SDN)

Staff Writer

Peter’s Rock Temple Church of God in Christ gave away over 100 turkeys to the community Tuesday morning.

Superintendent Joseph Hawkins said the church has been giving back to the community during Thanksgiving for over 15 years.

Chancery Judge-elect Paula Drungole-Ellis said  Peter’s Rock is a great ministry because the members and their pastor believe in giving back to the community.

“We started doing dinners and so we started the last eight years doing the turkeys and it’s to help the community, you know we always want to be a blessing to our community,” said Sunday school teacher Cheryl Young.

Looking back, their dinners only fed one person per plate but Young said the turkeys would feed an individual and their whole family for days at a time.

Not only did they give turkeys away, but there were more than four storage bins filled with sweet potatoes to give away as well as racks of clothes and shoes.

“As they come through they will pick up turkeys, sweet potatoes and and they can go through the line and get clothes,” Young said.

The morning started off with a brief message from Superintendent Hawkins in the sanctuary.

“We’re not only feeding the soul but we are also feeding the body,” Young said.

Those in attendance of the message would walk from the sanctuary, next door to a separate building to go through the donation line.

Superintendent Hawkins, church members and Walmart donated turkeys to the cause.

“I’ve done it for many years and I continue to do it this year because it’s so important to help the people of our community.

I am just glad to have the opportunity, and I’m glad that I’m able to help,” Drungole-Ellis said.

The church’s goal for this Community Thanksgiving Turkey Give Away Day was to gather 200 turkeys.

At 11:30 a.m. they had 145 and individuals were still dropping turkeys off.

“I’ve gotten about three or four calls saying they’re at Kroger picking up more turkeys,” Young laughed and said.

Young said Peter’s Rock mission for the event was to simply be obedient to the Bible saying it is better to give than to receive.

“We’re just trying to be helpful to ones that are not able,” she said.