Sweet Stuff brings sweet treats to Starkville

Arielle Davis stands with her treats at a pop up at WTF's restaurant in Starkville.
(Submitted photo)

Staff Writer

Arielle Davis will be a senior secondary education major in the spring semester at Mississippi State University.

Although she hopes to soon become a math teacher and ultimately a principal, she's catering sweet treats to Starkville right now with her family's business, Sweet Stuff, LLC.

Sweet Stuff was a family business that originated in Jackson in 2004 by her aunt, Celita Davis Norwood.

Norwood is the owner and head treat maker at the shop and taught Davis everything she knows about the business.

Norwood's Sweet Stuff Instagram page has accumulated over 17,000 followers.

"I've always enjoyed making treats with her back at the home shop in Jackson. Seeing all her customers rush to her treats made me want to extend that here in Starkville," Davis said.

For the both of them, it's not just making treats - it's an enjoyable thing to do.

Davis has been making treats for 14 years now and brought the extension to Starkville and it became known as Sweet Stuff by Ari.

"I started Sweet Stuff in Starkville two years ago for Valentine's Day. And people loved it so much and asked when I was going to do more, so I started back going full time with Sweet Stuff for a month now," she said.

Two years ago, she struggled to find a job on campus but needed one.

She came up with the idea to sell strawberries for Valentine's Day to make extra money.

"I just advertised our $5 boxes of strawberries with milk or white chocolate," Davis said.

They were a big hit and now she is serving a variety of strawberries such as milk or white chocolate, Snicker, Oreo and turtle.

Sweet Stuff by Ari also offers apple slices and turtle and snicker cheesecakes.

She credited WTF for the boom in business of Sweet Stuff in Starkville recently.

Shantita Suber-Odom, owner of WTF Starkville, and Norwood knew each other for years.

"She has actually been my aunt's customer since my aunt first started out. And when she found out I was starting Sweet Stuff here in Starkville she has given me a lot of tips and exposure because she knew that if it was coming from Sweet Stuff in Jackson, it was going to be good," Davis said.

Sweet Stuff by Ari makes appearances in WTF's restaurant occasionally.

The Oreo strawberries and turtle cheesecake are customer favorites in Starkville right now.

In Jackson, the customer's favorite is the lemon supreme apple, cheesecake apple, turtle apple, and different infused strawberries.

"The plan is to expand in December. We will do more colors with our treats, more chocolate covered apples and other stuff," Davis said.

As a student, her time is hard to stretch but expansion is in the works.

"I plan to offer Starkville more treats at a good price. Most customers are college students like myself so I want to guarantee good treats at a good price," Davis said.

Those who wish to place orders with Arielle can text or call 601-850-7766, or message her Instagram @sweetstuff_byari.

"I want people to know that we treat all of our customers like family and will forever be grateful for all the support," she said.