Country Club pool renovation increases membership

The newly renovated pool area at Starkville Country Club by Couvillion+Design and Tabor Construction. (Submitted photo)

Staff Writer

Starkville Country Club’s renovation of its pool and amenities has played a factor in its membership increase and gained recognition by the Mississippi Homebuilders Association.

In 2013, Couvillion Design+Build was hired by the Starkville Country Club to do a master plan of development over 10-15 years and phase one of the master plan was the renovation of the pool and amenities.

The initial pool was built in the 1960s.

Their objective was to enlarge the pool, decks, create a cabana and an outdoor space for food and lounging to increase membership.

During the process, Tabor Construction and Development was added to the project and the collaboration between the two company’s began.

“That’s when the fun part started,” said Couvillion Design+Build General Contractor and Designer Joe Couvillion.

The project began September 2016 and it was a long nine months for the team until its end in May 2017.

“As soon as the pool closed it was the start of the demolition of the project,” said Couvillion Design+Build Landscape Architect Neil Couvillion.

The pool was intended to resemble the resort styles seen in Florida and other vacation spots.

It’s broken down into activity areas for toddlers and adults.

“It’s really an eclectic area where certain kids can get in and it’s not too deep, and there’s a lounge area and so it’s really a neat space,” Joe Couvillion said.

The pool is a curvilinear shape, and has a zero-entry splash deck with bubblers for toddlers that slopes into a shallow area with benches.

“In the deep end, the diving board is somewhat submerged into the water to add another loading play area prior to getting on the diving board,” Joe Couvillion said.

Neil said the growth in members of Starkville Country Club has been exponential.

“The core building of the clubhouse was really a modified metal building, so the big part of their designing was taking an old structure and designing a new current looking so to me they did a great job on the design,” said Tabor Construction President and CEO Jeremy Tabor.

The weather is always unpredictable when it comes to construction and renovation, but for this project, the team said that the weather went smoothly.

The renovation was complete for the pool to become a popular attraction in the summer 2017.

“For the people that we know that are with the club and on the board have bragged about the numbers increasing,” Tabor said.

Neil said the renovation has created more of a destination for a lot of young families, and not just retirees playing golf.

“It’s been amazing to see the success of it honestly because it was a challenge just making things work within number one - the vernacular of the existing building,” Joe said.

“And then working within the budget and time constraints and everything else so it was a great project to be a part of for sure,” Joe Couvillion added.

It was a lot of moments when the two companies looked at each other in frustration but the end result has become an integral part of Starkville and changed the way individuals utilize the Country Club, according to the companies.

The Mississippi Homebuilders Association awarded their collaboration for the pool renovation “Best in Mississippi” for the Specialty Build category.

The award made the team feel great about their business and the experience of creating the amenity.

“I think that a Country Club like that is so much more than a golf course and it is a community gathering spot and if you can be apart of that growth in any way then I definitely think it is a privilege,” Neil Couvillion said.