New playground unit under construction at Moncrief Park

Planet Recess workers installing the new playground unit at Moncrief Park on North Jackson Street. (Photo by Briana Rucker, SDN)

Briana Rucker
Staff Writer

A new playground unit is being installed at Moncrief Park and is set to be complete by Thursday in time for the holidays.

The city of Starkville’s Parks and Recreation Department entered a sweepstakes and was chosen to win the unit by Planet Recess, a playground company.

Parks and Recreation Executive Director Gerry Logan said it has been the department’s goal for a long time to replace the old playground unit.

"We just had to pay for the installation but that's well worth it, we saved a lot of funds by being chosen," Logan said.

The new playground unit is worth an estimated $40,000.

"It's got three slides, a little seating area, some climbing equipment and it comes with some of its own shade - not a ton," Logan said.

Planet Recess is installing the unit.

"Where they are installing the new unit is close to the trees. We are trying to take advantage of some of the natural shade that's available," he said.

Another part of this project is to remove the old playground later this week.

In addition, the city will also connect sidewalks to make access easier to the new playground.

"Once they're done, we're going to help get the sidewalk that we currently have and connect it to that, that way it'll still be accessible," Logan said.

Logan said there's many families in the area within a 10-minute walk, according to the department’s collected data.

This is the second playground unit the department has replaced in the past year, replacing the J.L. King Park playground.

Logan said it's been a mission to save city dollars and make their money stretch.

Starkville Parks and Recreation has now been able to replace two playgrounds that way.

"We're excited that we have this new unit coming in to Moncrief and hopefully that drives in even more traffic to that park. It really is a great park, it's an older park that's got a lot of older elements to it but we've been working to update everything," Logan said. "We've gone through recently and put in some new dog park equipment there so we're just doing the best we can to make improvements over there."