The Beauty Bar at R Tabb and Co. celebrates anniversary

Polly Briggs, owner and esthetician of The Beauty Bar located inside R Tabb and Co. at 201 East Main Street. (Submitted photo)

Briana Rucker
Staff Writer

Polly Briggs kept her mind set on owning a business and recently celebrated the birthday of her business, The Beauty Bar at R Tabb and Co.

Briggs grew up in Scooba and moved to Starkville after high school to attend Mississippi State University and earn a marketing degree.

"After college I moved away for seven years and I've been back in Starkville since 2012," Briggs said.

Briggs was in the insurance business for seven years with a health and insurance license before she felt like there was a higher power pulling her to do something different.

"So just through some soul searching I decided to go to esthetician school," Briggs said.

Becoming an esthetician is something she was always interested in as her mom Rebecca Briggs influenced after owning two Merle Norman stores when Polly was growing up.

Her mom owned the Merle Norman at North Park Mall in Ridgeland and one in Madison and during the holidays and summer Briggs would work there.

"That kind of gave me the skincare bug a long time ago," Briggs said.

She gave full credit to Rebecca Tabb, owner of R Tabb and Co. as being the main reason behind her pursuit.

"She was kind of really the driving force behind all of this because I was terrified," Briggs said.

They have been friends for a long time and highly value each other's companionship inside R Tabb and Co.

"I just think it's so important as a woman to support other women and their interests and their passion and I know nothing about esthetics but I just knew that's something that Polly wanted to do probably her whole adult life since I've known her," Tabb said.

While Tabb mentioned that it's hard to get a business off the ground, she encouraged Briggs to go for it so that she wouldn't look back with regrets.

"I just wanted her so bad to know to follow her passion and know that I support her, my business would support her, my clients, customers and friends would support her and I just think it's really important to show love to each other," Tabb said.

Briggs attended Amory Cosmetology Academy.

"That was a pretty new school at the time and I was the first esthetics graduate from that school," she said.

It took her a long time to figure out what business she wanted to own, but she found her niche.

"I can honestly say that I have never been more passionate about anything I've ever done until I became a skincare therapist," she said. "The thing that I love about it the most is that it's constantly growing and it's constantly evolving."

She then stressed the amount of education one can receive in the skincare industry is limitless.

"It's really hard to get stagnant in it because it's constantly growing," Briggs said.

The Beauty Bar offers a variety of facials for men and women, though Briggs' most frequent clientele are women.

"I do a lot of microdermabrasion, facials, and for men I also do beard facials, and then I do full waxing services, and I dabble in makeup a little bit," she said.

She described her relationship with her clients as great, professional and also a friend.

"People come in there for a variety of reasons but most people come just to relax and have a relaxing experience where they can just escape from daily life activities for an hour, or I have people that come in and want to talk for an hour - so I'm there to listen and be that confidant in the room," Briggs said. "And anything said in there doesn't go outside of The Beauty Bar."

Each month her clientele grows more and more.

When she opened The Beauty Bar Dec. 13, 2017 it was open six days a week.

"Then I took on this job in Tupelo and I'm working for Dr. Alan Pritchard, he's a plastic surgeon - that's opened the doors to see the medical side of the esthetics which I don't get solely at The Beauty Bar because being supervised under a medical doctor opens the door for me to do so much more," Briggs said. "There are a lot of things that as an esthetician you can do but has to be supervised under a medical doctor."

At Plastic Surgery of North Mississippi, the biggest thing Briggs does are laser treatments, laser hair removals, micro laser peels and broadband light treatments.

The biggest challenge for Briggs has encountered owning The Beauty Bar in Starkville has been finding out the best form of advertising and how to let the public know that she is in town.

"I graduated in 2005 with a marketing degree and marketing is so much different now mainly because of social media, and a lot of the traditional marketing tactics don't necessarily work to this day and age," she said.

She began to adapt marketing and business strategies to be current.

Moving forward Briggs hopes that The Beauty Bar will continue to grow as well as her clientele.

"In my eyes the sky is the limit and the more we grow the more advanced technologies I can bring into The Beauty Bar and the more education I can get to better serve the community and my clients," she said.