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Razzle-dazzle 2013 New Year's resolutions

December 30, 2012

This is going to be a razzle-dazzle, bustling, glamorous and exciting year ahead beginning Tuesday. Let's dance in the year with a little razzmatazz, an early style of jazz music. I invite each of you to climb up in the old brown wooden swing dangling in our front yard and swing along with me as we together make our New Year's Resolutions. Let's leave 2012 behind, swinging away the old year and begin a brand new 2013 year.

I had so much fun as others graciously shared , and they were willing to tell me their personal brand New Year's Resolutions. Up and down we “swing,” “swing” and “swing” in our front yard watching the whole world just pass us by as we talked, smiled, giggled and laughed together. This is their list:

– Shirley Ross, “I want to be debt free.”

– Jerry Scrivner, “I don't want to change nothing 'cause I'm a redneck-Delta rat."

– Dr. Wynn Jones, “I cannot think at the moment."

– Hank Anderson, “Good health for myself and my family.”

– Shirley Barall, “Lose Weight.”

– Allen Gray, “I want to be with my sister cause our aunt just passed away, and I just thank the Lord just to be here to see this year pass.”

– Dr. Robert Smith, “I want to publish several papers (multiple) this year.”

– Steve Massey, “Be healthy.”

– Tommy Carlisle, “Take more time off, and I'm already retired!”

– Officer in our Starkville Police Department, Bubber Willard, “I want to improve my health and look forward to retirement.”

– John Lee Peeples, who owns our famous, Starkville Cafe on Main Street said, “Drive to one side of the town to the next as fast as I can and not be caught.” (John Lee was sitting right besides Policeman, Bubber Willard down at The Cafe!)...Come on John Lee... Officer Willard will give you a ticket too!?!)

– Rick McKee, “Be a better person.”

– Allen White, “Cut more trees. You know I just cut three of the prettiest oak trees in a man's front yard yesterday because he was just sick and tired of raking those falling leaves.”

– Jesse Carver, "Remember through Christ I want to love all the time so that I can do and be what I want to be.”

– Jennifer Terrill, “Keep my mind and thoughts on things unseen (spiritual) and not on things seen.”

– Liz Johnson, “Lose 40 pounds or maybe just loose some weight, and get a husband.”

– Courtney “Petey” Agnew, “Save more money.”

– Rene Herd, “Be like Christ.”

– Dolton McAlpin, “Be more careful with my diet.”

– Antoinette Graves, “Eat Healthier.”

– Chip Templeton, “Do not eat broccoli.”

– “Pee Wee” Rege Gregg, "Better health."

– Andy Fultz, “Lord, I do not even know. I have not even thought about it, but I want to spend and have more time with my family.”

– Andy Sims, “Nice friends, nice family and nice weather to enjoy all of these.”

– Ralph Harris, “Better health.”

– Claudine Gresham, “To calm down.”

– Wanda Box, “Peace at my house”

– Angela Blackmon, “Lose 50 pounds and bring my blood pressure down.”

– Sally McBride, “To spend more time with my family in Memphis, Tenn.
before my husband and I move to Baton Rouge, La.”

– Ashley Cook, “I want my very own clothing shop.”

– Tammy Baker, "I want to stop shopping a lot.”

– Michelle Milner, “I want to not work so hard and enjoy my life more.”

– Vivian Wasson, “Be healthier.”

– Willie Wasson, “Try to be a better personand not to think only about me all the time.”

– Deliose Outlaw, “To live peacefully, to love much and to laugh a lot.”

– Nina Peele, “Lose 30 pounds.”

– Michael Shelton, “Start exercising and to go in the opposite direction by eating correctly.”

– Vincent Forside, “Lose weight.”

– Jerry Cooper, “Be thankful for just living, for having strength and still being able to work.”

– Eddie Brown, “Thank the Lord for letting me live to see this next year, and my family, too.”

– Teresa Williams, “Lose about 15 to 20 pounds.”

– Jan Rhodes, “Lose weight.”

– Alyson Rhodes Karges, “Read two books a week.”

– Dylan Karges, “More time with family.”

– Cecelia Herbert, “Keep a waste basket in my room all the time.”

– Lars Schlutz, “Lose weight.”

– Brother Rogers, “On Jan. 7, 2013, I want the University of Alabama to beat Notre Dame.”

– Frank Rogers Jr., “I want my daughter, Laura Rogers, to have a smooth transition as she goes from MSU to Japan.”

– Scott Lipsey, “I want to stay healthy and have a peaceful life.”
What are my 2013 New Year's razzle-dazzle resolutions? I hope to inspire each of you to dance the razzmatazz as you dress up to the nines in a spectacular outfit on New Year's night as the clock strikes midnight.

What are your resolutions?

Dance during this cold January, and dance every month for the next 11 months ahead. March when nobody else will march. Walk, run or jog through each day with an off-beat skip in your step.

Believe in a real cause that comes from deep inside your heart and soul that will inspire others to find their own way to live their life to its fullest. Cherish, treasure and sincerely love all people who are very colorful. They come in varieties of red, yellow, black, white and poke-a-dotted human beings in our big, fabulous world. Everybody counts and everybody is important. We all have contributions to make and give away. The best gift in life is free. Look deep inside yourself and find that extra special gift to give to another human being.

Say, "Thank you," to a higher being — God— for every breath you take. We each in our own way must find our own beliefs and spiritual beings. Respect others for what they believe, too.

Find what you love to do best, and jump off the swimming board and dive into life. Maybe it's creating a painting, wearing a funny hat or simply saying, "Hello," to another human being who looks sad. Maybe it's e-mailing or “snail mailing” a letter or note simply saying, “Thinking about you.”

Be grateful to be born an American, living in the greatest country on the face of this earth. Be honored to live in the shadows of the greatest university, Mississippi State University, in our great state of Mississippi. Fly with pride the maroon and white flag of MSU.

Treasure your own heritage because they gave you life and helped mold who you are today. Look at my artistic creation and see my own treasured family home in the background that my great-grandaddy, Wiley Bartley Pearson built with his own two hands.

Always be yourself, because who else would you be anyway? Always do your thing, and always make someone else happy every day. Simply smile and say, “You have a great day today.” Give someone a hug today and then tell them, "I love you."

Goodbye, 2012. Hello, 2013.

Promise to keep a least one of your resolutions. Come on now, make your very own secret.

Carole McReynolds Davis is a local free-spirited and whimsical artist. Email her at

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