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Davis: Mickey, Minnie Mouse are in love

February 10, 2013

Saint Valentine's Day is February 14, but Valentine's can be every day of the year.

Visual artists have creative ways to express themselves when they suddenly become inspired within their hearts and souls. I felt inspired to suddenly create and design a very free-spirited and very whimsical painting on a most unlikely canvas. This time the canvas would be our big wrap-around front porch.

Our winter months in the deep south of Mississippi is usually dull, gloomy, and cold so I thought that this February, it would be fun to create something red which is a warm, toasty color, and white to tone down this daring red color. The whole porch would be framed in a bright true red color.

Every day we live can be a fascinating, delightful day because, today is a wonderful world to be just yourself and do your thing that makes you the happiest human being alive. This is exactly how I feel when I play dress-up on the porch. Let us all just be Peter Pan forever, then we won't have to ever grow up.

Miss Minnie Mouse and Mr. Mickey Mouse are the cutest little mice in the whole wide world, and they are deeply in love with each other. Let's share this creation together as we read it from left to right.

There are seven "live" characters. At the very top you will see a replica of our home designed and built by Buck Swain in 2006. It is really a mail box in the middle with the home built around the box.

It is filled with tiny people in our family, bedrooms, beds, tiny magazines, antique living room furniture, a cozy kitchen and an upstairs art studio. Look right behind “wo-mannequin” Mollie Golly's black mouse ears and red bow on her head. See it? Find the red glazing ball on a black stand, touches of green ivy and the white wooden swing built by Papa Pearson with red soft pillows in both the seat and the arms of the white swing. Find on the walls on the south side of our home an antique rail road light and paintings on the white wooden walls of the porch.

Now go back and see cute “wo-mannequin” Mollie Golly” and loo at her two furry black ears and a red poke-a-dotted big fat bow in the middle of her head this is her special hat. She has on white stockings on her legs and red shiny Mary Jane shoes on her feet. To the far left you will see one foot extended of our “wo-mannequin,” Dottie, with her one ed shoe and Minnie Mouse socks on her toes. Underneath Mollie Golly's arm is a red small heart shaped “ lady bug” box filled with chocolate candy.

You can see the tip end of one side of this box. Now on the small portable easel is his official portrait I did of him years ago. He is absolutely handsome.

The second scene is Priscilla who is their stuffed best girlfriend as she is rocking in an old child's bent wood rocker. Priscilla is really a cutey-pie. Her messy hair is tied with two red and white bows curled at the ends. She has on a stripped long sleeve tee shirt. On the side of the front of her shirt is a tiny Mickey Mouse emblem. Look at her over-sized Mickey Mouse flannel pants and “dig” her hot pink big shoes on her feet. To be honest, she looks so sloppy that she is just plain darling looking. She is clutching a medium sized heart shaped box filled with creamy chocolates.

Next to Priscilla is stuffed very flirty Minnie Mouse dressed in a red and black polka-dotted prissy dress big red shoes and one big red bow on the top of her head that also has black polka dots on it too. She is standing up in a white wooden child's rocking chair with her hands out-stretched waiting to just give each one of you a big hug.

Look and find the colorful, precious, one of a kind child's antique deacon's bench which suddenly has become a “Love Seat.” See a smaller Minnie holding hands with Mickey with her red dress and Mickey with his red shirt on and both have on bright yellow shoes. Right above them they are singing the song printed on a white canvas in red lettering, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” as they look at each other deeply in love, sneaking a kiss on each other's cheeks. Love is wonderful. See the dozen roses that Mickey has brought to Minnie in a attractive red and white poke-a-dotted wicker basket which is right below the antique colorful deacon's bench, now a real love seat for the two sweethearts.

Next. you will see the same portrait of Mickey now framed in one of the big glittery shiny hearts. This is the second time you view Mickey, and then look on inside middle the heart itself to the end of the porch towards the South side of our home. You see a hint of a MSU child's rocker and a red watering can. This one heart frames this entire scene itself.

The second sentence is “wo-mannquin.” Dottie who is so beautiful. Her blue eyes and white complexion are just stunning along with her tasteful makeup on her cheeks and red lipstick on her pretty shaped lips. Not only is she lovely, but she looks so cute too. Her pig tails are tied with red and white ribbons. She is wearing a Minnie Mouse tee shirt with white and navy blue/jean colors mixed in. She has a Mickey Mouse long scarf around her neck. Red leather shoes on her feet and Mickey Mouse red bobby socks on her toes to keep her warm when the February cold winds blow. She has the largest red heart shaped box filled with varieties of candy inside.

Her hat takes the cake. Look at her human like Mickey Mouse ears. They look real, don't they? The ears are on top of a black felt beanie of the 1950's or maybe 1940's. She sports those red turned down bobby socks with Mickey Mouse on them, and she rocks, rocks and rocks in the largest Victorian rocker on the porch.

As I now look back at this creation, it seems as if the darkness of the middle and late afternoon gives this piece of art a feeling of warmly inviting your eyes to the sudden brightness of the late afternoon sunshine as it high lights the bottom of the front porch area of the top of the front screened in door and glass main door way. The bright rays of warm sunshine spot lights all of the seven characters.

Suddenly I hear tiny noises of seven mice — squeak, squeak, squeak. This is definitely the unique language of precious little mice, softly saying, "I love you."

From me as an artist to each of you, I sincerely say the greatest thing in all my life is loving you and I am 100 percent certain that Mickey and Minnie Mouse are truly in love for life.

Carole McReynolds Davis is a local artist. Email her at

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