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To Everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven

January 21, 2011

This painting which is 34” X 47” was painted in 1969 which was 41 years ago of the four seasons of our year in our “Heaven On Earth” — Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, located at 2970 Bluff Lake Road, Brooksville...Starkville. This is the exact address of what I call “Heaven On Earth!”
The Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge has about 40,000 acres of land which borders three counties in the northeastern part of Mississippi— Oktibbeha, Noxubee, and Winston counties.
From the City of Starkville the driving distance is only 20 minutes away from “The Refuge,, a sparking shining diamond, and “The Center” for information about “The Refuge” is a bright red ruby.
Just the word, refuge offers, and then gives to each one of us a few moments in our lives to take time for refuge from our every day busy lives to think and to “drink in” and then “taste” the beauty of nature all around us and to “slow down” and enjoy nature and appreciate and love our life itself... our own human life, life of all animals, and life of all growing things in nature!
Get in your car, truck, or van, and take time to drive only 20 minutes away from your busy, “have-to-do living,” and then you, too, will discover in your own special way, “The Refuge!”
As American citizens we all treasure our United States Government for preserving and keeping special spots for us to all love and enjoy, so we could all “tip our hats” and “give great big hugs and kisses” to” Uncle Sam” for preserving and maintaining spots and places just like our Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, but most of all to simply use two words, “Thank You!”
Fourty-one years ago, in the year of 1969 I decided to do a very special and very large painting, “The Four Seasons of the Year — Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter!!!”
I divided the 34” X 47” canvas into four parts using an antique wooden frame of gold/green which I hand-rubbed with my paint until it became a gold/olive green color. The frame is probably over 100 years old itself and is very pretty with raised wooden rounded beads.
I chose one spot on the Refuge that I would paint during each of our four seasons. I would go and return each season until I completed our four seasons of the year. It had to be a spot that would probably remain the same with the same trees, big rock, floating log and one tree trying to hang on and grow from the one log and the Bluff Lake itself with its big body of water, the sky above and the grass below “holding” the four seasons in the foreground to the solid bottom of each of the four landscapes.
The foreground, the middle ground, and the background...the landscape painting of our seasons of the year in our great, wonderful, and beautiful great state of Mississippi.
Mississippi is “God’s little slice of heaven,” and our Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge is, without a doubt, “Heaven on Earth”... just a few little driving miles why not drive out to Heaven and find your Refuge in life today!
Our daughter, our almost 31 year old only daughter, Miriam Elizabeth Davis Williams, a marathon and bicyclist, often” hops” on her new maroon bike and rides over 50 miles a day, and guess where her destination often is? It’s to her own “Heaven on Earth — The Refuge!” You must go see it! You, too, will “fall in love” with nature and then discover, renew, and find your life again!
What is a season? “It is a small number of periods into which the year is regarded as divided by the earth’s changing position with regard to the sun, and which are marked by varying and length of day and night by particular conditions of weather temperature. Each of the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, into which the year is divided by the passage of the sun from equinox to solstice and from solstice to equinox either if the two periods, the rainy and the dry into which the years is divided in many tropical climates.”
What is the time of the year? “The time of the year when a plant flourishes in nature, blooms and bears fruit. The time of the year when animals pair, breed, and give birth. The time of ripeness or maturity which is one’s prime. The period of time of a particular year characterized by special conditions of weather or assigned or devoted to specific activity such as the rains or spells of wet weather of a tropical country. A period of time astronomically fixed or recurring of a phase of an eclipse.”
“The season changed and autumn crept over us all!” “It was the dead season, but there were still a few persons around.” “The season was over, and it was the first season of June, summer time”, “Then breezy season, football season, racing season, and tourist season!” “A good season and a bad season was predicted!”
There is a right time and a good time and each season is very special indeed. I think all four seasons are wonderful, and human beings are ready for any situation or contingencies... mankind is adaptable to any circumstance for a long season or a short season.
Right now in America we are exposed to adapting to the greatest natural disaster we have ever faced, the BP Oil Spill in our waters. Our own Mississippi coast line is being threatened, and we all wonder, why? when? how? will it ever end?
Our 5:30 p.m. nightly news on CNN and CBS are filled to “over-flowing” about the British Petroleum Oil Spill as it greatly effects our economy, our animals, our entire wildlife and our human life! We offer up our prayers to a higher being to protect and save us all!
We love our four seasons of each year. Each season has its own special flavor, and many of us say, “Oh, I just love and adore Spring, or Summer, or Autumn, or Winter best of all!
We pick out our favorite season of each year, every year that rolls around, do we not? We are just about as seasonal as the wind blows in the month of March.
There are four seasons and we love each one that arrives in our lives and then departs suddenly to the next season of the year. Seasons give each one of us variety in our lives and keeps life from being dull, boring, and mundane. We adjust and are seasonable folks!
Let’s together start “reading from left to right” as we read a sentence in a painting.
Springtim finds us with the light pink Dogwood Tree in its full bloom of flowers, There is a tall tree close by beginning to put on its buds too of early Spring. The sky is a light blue for that day, and the Bluff Lake is calm and pretty.
Find the one floating log and its limb that sticks up almost in the middle of the old log with a new growth of a lingering tree sprouting up from the old log.
Find the interesting big rock sticking up from the lake. It has a wonderful pointed shape about it, and adds color and stability to this painting. One might say it is “solid as a rock” which keeps you anchored to the painting or holds you down towards the bottom of the painting.
Let your eyes go to the grass in the bottom foreground. to the frame itself of this painting.
Summer time finds us “when living is easy and catfish are jumping!”
The pink Dogwood Tree has turned and is sorta lost among its own green new growth of heavy leaves.
You can see the big tree right beside it where it should be. Look into the dark, Hooker’s Green tube of paint that I used from my palette of over 90 tubes of paint. This is where the pink Dogwood Tree is. Find it among the green trees of summertime.
The sky is white with a few blue clouds floating over the trees. Bluff Lake seems to be more blue than it was in the Spring time, a darker, happier blue!
The old log is still there with new sprouts on the lingering tree. The interesting big rock is more lively than before, and the summer sun has brought out all the colors we can now see in the old rock itself.
Look at the summer grass. Find the lime green grass blades as they blow in the SUMMER breeze. Did I just see a catfish jump up? I think so! Now, we can see the one extra log popping up at the bottom of this summer season.
Autumn time finds us with all the bright colors of this special season. Look at the Dogwood Tree now! It is bright red with touches of orange and gold. The big tree next to it is not a pretty yellow brownish color, and see all the other green leaves of the near by trees are “dressing up” in their favorite autumn colors.
The sky above is still happy and pretty, and it too has taken on a slight yellow color of autumn too! Look at the reflection into Bluff Lake of the bright red Dogwood Tree and the yellow reflection that is cast into the lake of the bigger tree. The colors reflecting into the lake are so lovely, agree?
The old log is floating and the green new shoots on the lingering tall limb have also turned and changed “clothes” for fall into yellow too!
The old rock is still there but has turned to autumn as well. The grass at the bottom looks very much like the autumn time too. Look how full and pretty all the darker grass has become. I wonder if autumn of the four seasons we love and enjoy might just be the most colorful of all our seasons in Mississippi? I think so!
Winter time finds us freezing and shivering down on the Refuge. It is defiantly cold. Are you shaking and just cold looking at the winter time season? I am!
The little Dogwood Tree is the brightest little spot next to the big tree. Can you find it? It is sorta the pink/orange one. You might say, I used my artist imagination to play on colors to keep the spot of the little Dogwood Tree next to the dark, black cold, big tree next to it visible for us to all see.
We might say, “Baby It’s Cold Outside...” down at the Refuge. Snow has fallen ,and the sky above almost looks like another snow storm is brewing for later today.
Buff Lake is frozen and covered up with snow too. The old log is still there with its one stubby limb and the one lingering tall limb is “hanging on” for its life. Hope it does not bend down from all the extra weight of the snow and break off.
The old rock has on a new coat of heavy snow that has mounted up on it, but we can still spot the old rock, agree?
The grass is completely covered up with heavy snow, and the one log is still poking up from its special spot in this painting.
The pretty gold/olive green wooden panels divide the seasons for us. The large antique wooden frame holds our seasons together...our four SEASONS in Mississippi down at the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge is a wonderful and beautiful gift to each one of us.
The Refuge is a sparkling and shining diamond and the Refuge Center is a bright red ruby and... “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven!”

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