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The Deluded Diva Speaks... It is always something...

March 1, 2011

There was a wonderful comedienne back in the 1970s - Gilda Radner, do you remember her? She played the part of Rosanna Rosanna Dana on “Saturday Night Live” in the 70s.
Before her death from ovarian cancer, she penned a wonderfully courageous book called “It’s Always Something.” It reminds us, that as long as we are breathing, there will be adversity from time to time.
Yesterday was one of those days my mother warned me about – when everything that CAN go wrong, WILL.
From the moment I got up and spilled my coffee all over my day planner, I knew things would only continue downhill.
They did. I was shocked out of my reverie by a loud crash in the back yard. I ran out and discovered the door had fallen off my garden shed. Apparently last week’s storm pried it loose. It wouldn’t matter all that much, except the shed is so messy, I don’t want anyone peeking inside.
Determined to get back on track, I took my truck in for an overdue oil change. The guy at the station told me that I needed new everything – points, plugs, filters, fluids, brake pads, etc.
“But,” I whined. “I had all that done last month at the Toyota place-to the tune of more than $800!” What ‘sup here? And who pulled a fast one on me?
While I was mulling it over, I learned that a tenant had abandoned a rental property, leaving all his stuff for me to deal with. In tears, I called my son, Braddock, to share my bad news, and probably ruin his day as well.
“Take a deep breath, Mom.” Then he broke out laughing. “You gotta see this,” (He was driving along Highway 82.) “There’s a guy standing in the middle of the road, flagging down motorists wearing a pair of panties on his head!”
Suddenly, my frustrations evaporated into the wind as I envisioned a guy wearing panties on his head during the noon rush hour. I joined into the laughter and felt instantly better about life.
I calmed down, and headed over to Highway 82 to try to get a photo. On the way, I chanced to pick up an interview on Satellite Radio with a woman – her name was Cindy Morrison – who recovered from a very bad week. She lost her job as a TV anchorwoman in Oklahoma; her house was stuck by lightening; and she was diagnosed with cancer – all in one week.
She recovered, reinvented her life, and wrote a national best seller called “Girlfriends 2.0.” It’s about how our friends and family can help us navigate the dangerous waters of life and we do the same for them. Thank goodness for folks who help make this crazy world a little less scary.
I would be in the emergency room of the local hospital recovering from a stroke at this moment, but for the Cindy Morrisons of life, and men who wear panties on their heads, just when I’m about to go over the edge.

Emily Jones is a retired journalist who edits a website for bouncing baby boomers facing retirement. She welcomes comments at

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