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Super Water Sympathy excited for return to Starkville

August 17, 2011

Band members Clyde Hargrove, Jason Mills, Ansley Hughes, Billy Hargrove, and Ryan Robinson. Super Water Sympathy will be having their CD release at Dave's Darkhorse Tavern on Sat. night in Starkville. (Photo by Neil Johnson)

Shreveport, Louisiana alt rockers Super Water Sympathy will be releasing its debut album "Vesper Belle" this Saturday, Aug. 20 at Dave's Darkhorse Tavern. The show is scheduled to start at 8 p.m.
The band, made up of members Clyde Hargrove (guitar), Ansley Hughes (vocals), Billy Hargrove (bass), Ryan Robinson (Drums) and Jason Mills (piano) has played Starkville before and said they can't wait to come back.
"Starkville is unlike anywhere else we have ever played," said Hughes. "It is this little quaint, cultured city that completely comes out of nowhere. I love it. The people are so welcoming and grateful for live music, especially at the Darkhorse."
Hughes calls Dave's one of the band's favorite venues in the region.
"The fact that the space is so intimate and you're playing on floor level, providing your own sound, is honestly one of the best things about it," said Hughes. "You don't need a fancy stage, or lights, or professional sound to do what you love and have people love it in return. And that is what is so awesome about Starkville."
Clyde Hargrove said the last time they played Dave's they had a packed house and shares lead singer Hughe's love of Starkville, so he's hoping for the same warm welcoming this weekend. He describes Starkville as tranquil yet vibrant hidden village where everyone acts as if they're on a beach vacation.
"We look forward to coming to play there again and hanging out with everybody at the Darkhorse," Hargrove said. "The people treat you well and the drinks treat you well. Everything is a panacea in Starkville."
Super Water Sympathy is an alternative band known for its lyrics and ability to orchestrate multiple instruments into a unique melodic pairing with Hughes vocals. The Time Record News of Wichita Falls, Texas said Hughes was "an angelic organ" and David Bottoms of Zeal Media said "Vesper Belle" was powerful and engaging.
Hood said he and the Darkhorse Tavern staff are looking forward to seeing Super Water Sympathy play again.
"They bring in a really fun crowd that Ansley Hughes draws in and mesmerizes," Hood said. "They'll be through on their tour and we think they're a great band for the first Saturday of the semester."
  Hughes, a self-described tom boy and life-long singer, said that being the only girl in the band just comes naturally.
"I would 100% much rather be with these four guys all the time than any other four girls in the world," she said. "I feel appreciated, respected, and most of all, protected. I have four boyfriends, four brothers, and four dads. I like to tell people that."
She laughingly said that being on the road with four boys can get a little smelly, but she loves them all and enjoys their differences. She said that each one has and knows their purpose in the band.
"My only complaint might be that at times I'd like a female eye to help me pick out my outfit for the night," she joked.
Hargrove said the name Super Water Sympathy means having a historic command of water and the ability to sympathize with its abuse. The idea for the name came from a dream Hughes had before a writing session while they were working on the first track of debut album "Vesper Belle."
"The name was created by accident when writing the words to 'Spain,'" said Hargrove. "Ansley had a lucid dream and woke up ranting about an endless waterfall from the Pyrenees cascading into the Iberian valleys of Spain and said she had super water sympathy. Hence, the song 'Spain' is about having respect for water and getting out of our materialistic bodies and this is what Super Water Sympathy is about."
Hughes said she wasn't sure at first that she agreed with Hargrove when he mentioned using her subconscious declaration of compassion for H2O as a band name, but now finds in fun and unforgettable.
"To be honest, at first I thought it (the band name) was too complicated and I would fight it and disagree with it a lot," Hughes said, "but eventually it grew on me, just as everybody said it would."
She said Hargrove kept pointing out that the words had never been used together before and admits the uniqueness of it comes in handy.
"If you google 'Super Water Sympathy' we are the only thing you will find and that's pretty cool," she said. "It's really hard to forget."
After the name was decided upon, Hughes said, another interesting fact came to life.
"We realized one day that every song we have written mentions something about water, whether its an analogy to a river or a mention of an ocean or stream," she said. "This was completely unplanned. Water is fluid, it flows, it's peaceful, and it's happy-- much like our music."
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