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County road manager unveils 4-year plan

March 7, 2012


Oktibbeha County Road Manager Victor Collins, his road crews and contracted workers will attempt to pave, reclaim and build 66.65 miles of road over the next four years.
Collins presented the county’s four-year, $10.08 million comprehensive road plan to supervisors Monday during the board’s first monthly meeting.
The plan outlines a year-by-year plan for the county. Workers will reclaim 23.6 miles for $1.18 million, build 23.3 miles for $7.92 million and pave 19.75 miles of road for $987,000.
This year, the county will pave 2.4 miles of Wade Road and 1.3 miles of New Light Road; build 8.1 miles on Harris, Brown, Reform, Pat Station and Wade roads; and reclaim 1 mile of Morgantown Road, 1 mile of Pleasant Ridge Road and 2 miles of Williams Road.
In 2013, road crews will pave 1 mile of Harris Road, 1.6 miles of Brown Road, 2.2 miles of Pat Station Road and almost 1 mile of Reform Road; build 2 miles of A.W. Williams Road, 1.4 miles of Longview-Adaton Road, 1 mile of Summer Tree Road and 1.5 miles of St. Mark Road; and reclaim almost a mile of Houston Thompson Road, 2 miles of Crigler Road, 1.5 miles of Silver Ridge Road and 1.5 miles of Sturgis city streets south of Highway 12.
Paving, building and reclamation projects will continue on St. Mark Road, Summer Tree Road, A.W. Williams Road, Longview-Adaton Road, Muldrow Road, Crawford Road, Tobe Henry Lane, Cedar Grove Road, Echols Road, Perkins Road, Water Well Road, Blackjack Road, New Hope Church Road, Watershed Road, Wooten Road, Club Road, Creekline Road, Johnson Road, Hickory Grove Road, Osborn Road, Ridge Road, Mt. Olive Road, Silver Ridge Road, Morgantown Road and Old Highway 25 through 2015.
“I feel like we can accomplish our plan. (The report) doesn’t look like a lot of paper, but we’ve worked on this thing for several months. We did the budget and feel like the money is there,” Collins said Tuesday. “We’ve started the year off with good weather, and I feel like we can get our work done.”
The current four-year plan includes projects left over from the previous county road plan, Collins said. Projects involving Wade, Harris, Pat Station and Brown roads were delayed due to rainy weather.
“Weather is the big thing that could delay us with any project. If it permits us, we’re going to roll through this plan pretty well and get it knocked out,” Collins said. “There are also little projects that come up through the year and pull my crews away ... from our main project. You’re always going to have something that will come up.”
Collins’ report states both reclamation and paving projects run $50,000 per mile while building projects cost $340,000 per mile. While his crew primarily handles paving and building projects, Collins said contractors will handle many reclamation projects.
For the four-year project, the county has purchased three 1-ton trucks — one for each satellite shop — and new tractors and clippers for the spring roadside cutting season. Collins said he primarily relies on two main work crews for the majority of paving and building projects. The four-year road plan states the county does not anticipate needing additional personnel for the road department through 2012.
“We do need a new asphalt distributor truck to spray the CRS2 liquid asphalt. Hopefully the board will have those bids opened soon,” Collins said. “We’ve got a few other equipment needs, but it’s not as bad of a need as with that distributor.”
The county’s plan does not take into account equipment repairs and maintenance. These jobs, the report states, are done as needed by the county’s mechanics and maintenance crews. The county follows a general maintenance schedule.
Board President Marvell Howard said the county’s four-year road plan is a tangible document the county can be proud of and it addresses some of the biggest needs in his home district.
“Victor, (County Administrator) Don (Posey) and all of us supervisors spent a lot of time putting together this four-year plan. Our main focus was to make sure it included realistic goals we can achieve barring a worst-case scenario,” Howard said. “Each district supervisor submitted their own district’s needs since they know them better than anyone else. I know it will definitely help out District 3.”
District 1 Supervisor John Montgomery said the road plan is a step in the right direction. In his district, the current plan continues work on Brown Road begun by former Supervisor Carl Clardy.
“In my district and every district, you’re moving in the right direction by getting roads paved when they can be paved. There are a lot of paved roads in the county which, to be frank, are not in the best shape. Not only are we going to build and pave new roads that are currently gravel, we’ll reclaim and repave some roads that need it,” Montgomery said. “One road project I’m proud of is the Longview-Adaton Road area. There aren’t a lot of houses out on the road, but it’s a busy, well-traveled road which services New Light and Self Creek. We always want to do more, but you do what you can with the money you have available.”
While the plan addresses many needs in his district, District 2 Supervisor Orlando Trainer said the board should still come together and develop a financing plan to fully invest in infrastructure needs. In two previous meetings, Trainer approached the board with bond intent notices aimed at financing various road paving and construction projects.
“I think we can step it up with some extra monies and get ahead of the need,” Trainer said.
As of Monday, the four-year road plan did not include maintenance plans for the county’s 146 bridges. Engineers are still in the process of inspecting the bridges and preparing a board report, Collins said Tuesday.

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