The Deluded Diva Speaks... Football from a womans point of view

First, let me be the first to admit I don’t know a holding call from a clip. And it drives me crazy when the officials drop their hankies on the ground and make the teams do it all over again.
I don’t have a clue when it comes to the inner workings of gridiron strategy, but I instinctively know when a team is clicking.
The Mississippi State Bulldawgs were clicking on Saturday like I’ve never seen them click before. Of course, it helped that the opposition was clickless.
I sat in the press box and watched the drama build during the pregame hype which was so beautiful, it made my hair curl. If I had left before the opening kick-off, I would have felt like I got my money’s worth!
Four jets flew over in formation as the National Anthem reached its crescendo. I got a big old lump in my throat and felt like sobbing, but you know, false eyelashes and all. A tear would have ruined my “ensemble.”
I pretended to take notes to earn my press pass and dreamed of what could be before this season is over. I keep remembering the Saints and how we once wore paper bags on our heads. In my delusional state, I think I’m confusing the Saints with the Dawgs. Same song, second verse. I’m hoping.
As the team members took the field in a storm of testosterone, I watched several of them dance like no one was watching. I knew something was different here. I’ve been waiting for this feeling for 12 long years, since I converted to Mississippi State fanship.
In Mississippi, you are either an Ole Miss Rebel or a Mississippi State Bulldog. I am both, which makes me an oddity. But I must admit, I’m leaning way far over into Mississippi State territory, especially since I’ve watched our new coach build character- unsavory characters need not apply for THIS squad.
The music, the Jumbotron review of the greatest plays over the last decade, the fall weather, the return of the cowbells…everything came together to make for a great football experience.
The spectators were electrified to the point, I figure we could have turned on the lights at Davis Wade stadium without help from TVA. Of course the final score, 49 to 7, was pretty powerful in itself.
I have decided that I’m in love with Dan Mullen. This guy has injected an attitude into the MSU program, none of us could imagine. Florida’s loss is our gain.
This new attitude, combined with a wonderful flexibility that allows him to take a chance on more than just his first string guys, got the fans energized. How refreshing. (Please note - he did this even when we weren’t winning last year and before we began to rack up points on Saturday.)
We’ve got a tough schedule and the next three games will test us. But I’m putting my money on Dan and the Dawgs.

Emily Jones is a retired journalist who lives in Starkville. She edits a website for bouncing baby boomers facing retirement. She welcomes comments at