Surrounding communities support golf event in memory of Moss, Graham

Coach Gary Beals
Staff Writer

Students and faculty at Choctaw County High School may not get the pleasure of seeing the late coach Steven Moss and Phyllis Graham whose lives were tragically lost in a bus accident five years ago.
While the two are no longer with the students, coaches and teachers that they loved, their spirit remains heavily at Choctaw County. The work that they put in over the years building relationships and reaching out to children continues to this day in the form of an annual scholarship.
In order to supply the scholarships, Choctaw County and the community of Ackerman has an annual memorial golf tournament in honor of the two. Coming up on its fifth year, the golf tournament, which takes place on Saturday, has grown by leaps and bounds as those in the surrounding communities have reached out to give back to students like the late Moss and Graham.  
“All of that is because of the community," Chargers coach Gary Beals said of the scholarships and successful tournament. "They’re very supportive. It started out at Ackerman but had to move it to Louisville so we can get more teams and generate more revenue. Once we made the move, we were able to up the scholarship total from five to 10.”
For more on the event, see the story by Starkville Daily News sports writer Robbie Faulk in Thursday's newspaper.