Fitts has CWS memories to share with Bulldogs

Trevor Fitts pitches for MSU during the 2013 College World Series.
Staff Writer

Trevor Fitts gets to experience the thrill of the College World Series once again at Mississippi State.

After reaching college baseball’s big stage five years ago as a player with the Bulldogs, Fitts returns to Omaha, Nebraska, this week as coordinator of baseball operations.

Fitts watched from the dugout as MSU celebrated in the early hours of Monday morning. The Bulldogs punched the school’s 10th trip to the College World Series with a 10-6 victory over Vanderbilt to capture the NCAA Nashville Super Regional title.

“I was watching everybody dog pile, thinking about how special it is and hoping nobody got hurt,” Fitts said. “The dog pile is an awesome thing and I loved doing mine twice, but you hope nobody gets hurt in the moment and thankfully nobody did.”

Fitts was on the 2013 MSU team that advanced all of the way to the national championship series against UCLA

Even though the Bulldogs were swept by the Bruins in the finals, the thing Fitts remembers the most was the support they received.

“I’ll never forget the 27,000 that showed up for us,” Fitts said. “Hearing the maroon and white (cheer) the whole game and seeing everybody show up when you are get off the bus was cool. You take things for granted in the moment, but when you look back, it’s pretty special.”

Fitts appeared in 18 games for MSU during the 2013 season. He started the second game at the College World Series against Indiana and the first game of the championship series against UCLA..

Now that the Bulldogs are returning to Omaha, Fitts will be there to share some of his memories with the current team.

“All I can just tell them is to soak up the moment as much as possible and appreciate how much maroon and white is going to show up,” Fitts said “I’ll say go watch a game if you get a chance, enjoy the moment as much as you can and just play your game because it’s still baseball no matter what stadium you are in.”

MSU pitcher Cole Gordon has benefitted already from the knowledge of Fitts and looks forward to picking his brain further.

“He was here my redshirt freshman year and we had a chance to get real close then,” Gordon said. “He’s always sharing little tidbits and things here or there. Just his knowledge of the game, what he brings, just talking and friendship helps a lot. He’ll be able to calm us down and Trevor is going to be a vital asset.”

Now Gordon is a leader of a young team with several freshmen playing key roles.

Fitts has witnessed the Bulldogs growing right in front of his eyes.

““It’s awesome to watch our freshmen that showed up, just played and accepted it like coach (Gary) Henderson has said multiple times,” Fitts said. “It’s really just a fun team to be around,  enjoy the youth and everything else.”