2017 tax revenue totals surpass previous year

Staff Writer

Monthly averages between January and July of 2017 have fluctuated in comparison to 2016 averages, but the total tax revenue from city sales tax in Starkville for fiscal year 2017 is the highest on record.


The total city tax revenue of fiscal year 2017 was $6,990,896.42, surpassing the overall total of fiscal year 2016, which was $6,875,498.81.

Greater Starkville Development Partnership CEO Scott Maynard said the high totals are encouraging and he hopes the trend continues.

“That’s positive, for sure, especially in a year where I think the overall state sales tax may have ended down for the year from the original projection, so I’m happy that ours is up for the year,” Maynard said.

March saw the highest revenue in city sales tax of 2017, with a revenue of $635,535.60.

The highest city sales tax revenue since the city’s fiscal year began in October 2016 was in December with a total of $661,604.72 — the highest on record provided by the city, which shows monthly revenues back to January 2014.

The lowest month for sales tax revenue so far in 2017 was January, with a total of $527,063.09. However, 2017 had the highest January sales tax on record.

Months that measured lower when compared to 2016 include February, April, June and July.

Months that have surpassed 2016’s totals include January, March, and May.

Totals of city sales tax revenue in the calendar year 2017 are just over $4 million.


The 2 percent sales tax revenues gathered this year from hotels and motels in Starkville have been consistently lower than 2016 except for March, which was nearly triple the revenue of March 2016.

Totals in the hotel/motel tax since January 2017 are $167,073.83.

The lowest revenue on hotel/motel taxes gathered in 2017 was for the month of July, which brought in a total of $13,337.95. July 2016 saw a revenue of $66,879.99 and was the highest on record.

December 2016 also surpassed its previous year in this type of tax revenue, with $17,002.22.


The 2 percent restaurant tax revenue has seen increases and decreases since the beginning of 2017, with the highest revenue being in February at $204,597.46 and the lowest being July with $141,782.07.

February’s total is the highest since April 2016 and July’s is the lowest since December 2015.

Total revenue from the restaurant tax in 2017 is $1,167,493.97

Months in 2017 that saw lower restaurant tax revenue than 2016 counterparts are January, April, June, and July.

Months that surpassed the totals in 2016 are February, March, and May.