Academic All-Star

Though Henderson Intermediate student Anne-Marie is only a sixth grader, her teachers already see an impressive level of dedication in her school work.
“Anne-Marie is an extremely dedicated and focused student,” teacher Carrie McMillen said. “She is very concerned about her school work and grades. She always has a book in her hand, and I never have to correct her behavior.”
Anne-Marie is a straight-A student who names math and science as her favorite subjects.
“I like learning about food webs and good chains in science,” she said. “I like math because it is more challenging than other subjects.”
But what Anne-Marie likes most about school is “my nice teachers, all my good friends, and I like to learn,” she said.
Anne-Marie’s dedication to her school work often results in her helping her classmates with their work.
“She is responsible and always willing to help her classmates in any way,” McMillen said. “She is very good at helping her classmates with school work and does a great job encouraging others to read by setting such a good example.”
In addition to her academics, Anne-Marie is quite the soccer player as she is a member of both a recreational and challenge soccer teams.
“Anne-Maries is well-respected by her peers as a student, athlete and friend,” McMillen said. “At recess, both the girls and the boys want her on their sports teams... She plays on a challenge soccer team that requires her to be involved in many practices and tournaments.”
Anne-Marie enjoys soccer so much she hopes to play in college and beyond, but she also has dreams to be a writer when she grows up if soccer doesn’t pan out for her.
Anne-Marie is the daughter of Matt and Shirley Ross.