City Clerk to OK Moore's ballot box examination request

Johnny Moore (courtesy)

Democratic mayoral candidate Johnny Moore on Friday formally requested a full examination of all returns and contents of the ballot boxes from the May 16 Democratic Primary Runoff that ultimately saw him defeated by six votes.

Moore’s legal counsel Williams Starks of the Starks Law Firm signed the request to City Clerk Lesa Hardin, which comes after the results were certified on Thursday.

Hardin said her office is in the process of negotiating the date now, but she said the request will be approved. The ballot boxes are currently in the custody of the Municipal Clerk per state law.

The Mississippi Secretary of State's Office has also specified that the media will not be allowed to sit in on the ballot box examination.

Moore requested the examination take place on Friday, May 26 at 9. a.m., continuing day to day as necessary.

Election officials met Thursday to certify the results, during which they determined one previously rejected affidavit ballot was valid and counted the unsealed ballot for Moore.

The official totals have Spruill winning the mayoral race with 1872 votes to Moore’s 1866.

If Spruill emerges the winner following the ballot box examination, she will be the first female mayor in Starkville's history.