City paves way for new parks positions

Staff Writer

Starkville aldermen approved finalizing job descriptions for two new parks and recreation positions in the department at Tuesday's meeting, effectively finalizing the new structure for the understaffed department.

The positions will be advertised over the coming weeks, and candidates will be interviewed by the board at a later date. After the city adopted the new comprehensive plan—which included a new organizational structure for SPRD—the two new full-time positions of director of maintenance and director of recreation and sports were created.

"I think this is a big step for us to approve and get ready to hire [these directors]," said Ward 4 Alderman Jason Walker.

The adopted plan calls for a more rigorous maintenance management plan to identify procedures involved with the upkeep of Starkville's 147 acres of park space. The recreation position would oversee all programming operations. With the new organizational chart, the department will operate in a more streamlined, efficient manner, according to the plan.

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