Maben Library discusses From Seed to Pumpkin

“Fron Seed To Pumpkin” by Wendy Pfeffer is a “Let’s Read and Find Out” Science Scholastic Book.
The tiny tots of the Maben Story Hour arrived at the appointed 10 a.m. with the girls wearing cute bows in their hair and fall jogging suits; the boys were dressed in the traditional little boy dress—tee shirts, gym pants, and tennis shoes.
Today, Librarian Mary Boutwell read the children about a farmer planting pumpkin seeds by the hundreds into the soil.
After enough moisture activated the seed, the plant inside began to push out of the seed shell, putting down roots and pushing up a stem.
After they emerge from the ground, they are called seedlings; that is they have two leaves called seed leaves, reaching for the sun.
These leaves are round and smooth, but the new leaves are broad and prickly.  The seed leaves dry up, but the new leaves make food for the plant.
The pumpkin stem is made up of many sets of tubes; one takes water from the soil up to the leaves, the other tube sends the food back down to the pumpkin so it can grow.
Pumpkin plants sprawl all over the ground instead of upright. They make huge blooms, which close up during the day and open up at night and early morning, when the bees come to pollinate the male and female flowers. 
Where the flowers were forms tiny hard fruit, which grow larger and larger into the pumpkins. 
They gradually change colors; from green to yellow to orange. 
Eventually the pumpkins will become jack-o’-lanterns or pumpkin pies. Next spring the farmer will start over.
After the reading, the group helped Ms. Mary carve a pumpkin into a jack-o’-lantern.
The most fun was digging out all of the seeds, which they shared among each other. Kinsley Reed probably had the most fun digging out the seeds.
Ms. Mary put in a tea light, they turned out the lights and they all enjoyed looking at the smiling pumpkin face, glowing in the semi-dark.
Next, the group got out the play dough and made their rendition of a pumpkin. Levi Cantrell really got into the act and put glasses and a mustache on his pumpkin face.
Mrs. Mary provided the juice and Ms. Dottie provided the cookies for another fun day at the Maben Story Hour.
On Oct. 29, the group is invited to dress in costume and come prepared to enjoy Halloween treats.

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