Miss MSU enjoys Bash weekend

BB Staff Writer

Last weekend’s Bulldog Bash kicked off Friday with a Dawg Rally and that night, Jason Mraz rocked the cotton district with his record winning songs.
Another famous face watching the concert was reigning Miss Mississippi Sarah Beth James, herself a Mississippi State student.
“The crowd and atmosphere at Bulldog Bash was amazing,” James says.
James never quite has the time to enjoy events such as Bulldog Bash, but when she does get the chance to visit Starkville, she relishes every moment.
“It was fun to see everyone getting together to celebrate our Bulldogs,” James says.
The weekend events ended with a Bulldog win over the other Bulldogs of Georgia.
James was in the stands for the entire game, proud of her college team.
For James, being able to come back to her “home away from home”, is something she’ll always cherish.
“Although I represent the state as a whole, one of my favorite things to do as Miss Mississippi is to come back and visit Mississippi State University,” James says.
It wasn’t all play for James, although she’ll tell you she enjoyed all the appearances she had to make.
“I had a very full weekend at Bulldog Bash with the pep rally and the concert on Friday, as well as a brunch with my sisters in Chi Omega and the game on Saturday; I enjoyed every minute of it,” she said.
While James is preparing for the Miss America pageant in January, she took a break this weekend to come back to MSU and see her friends as well as a pretty good football game.
“My favorite part of the weekend was watching our Bulldogs defeat Georgia from the Presidential Suite Saturday night,” James says.
This weekend was all it was advertised according to James. It was bittersweet to be able to come back and remember her times as a college student here. She has to take a year off to focus on the Miss America pageant but James wouldn’t have it any other way.
“I miss being at Mississippi State but am very fortunate to have been able to balance my busy lifestyle and still find time to cheer on our Dawgs at home games! The entire weekend made me proud to be a student at Mississippi State University,” James says.