New details emerge in MSU records tampering investigation

Logan Kirkland
Staff Writer

Mississippi State University released more information Friday in an ongoing investigation regarding the tampering of university records.

MSU Chief Communications Officer Sid Salter said the target of the search warrant was a former MSU student who hasn't been enrolled since December.

Salter would not disclose the name of the suspect or the nature of the university records involved at this time, but revealed the tampering could affect MSU.

“It has an institutional impact and could have an impact on students and faculty as well,” Salter said.

Salter said the investigation could take days or weeks before formal charges are provided due to a “significant amount” of forensic files and work law enforcement agencies have to sift through.

Salter said, as of now, there is only one person of interest and no formal charges have been filed.

On Thursday afternoon, multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the Garden Homes of Highlands Plantation to serve a search warrant regarding an investigation centering around the possible tampering with MSU records.

Salter said the incident is subsequent to an ongoing local, state and federal investigation.

As the investigation continues, Salter said more information may become available.

Salter said both MSU Police Department and members of the cyber security and operations program are actively involved in the investigation to help protect the university.