Newspaper’s Freedom Shrine coverage deeply appreciated

I just wanted to thank the Starkville Daily News for doing an outstanding job of covering the recent Freedom Shrine dedication at the Starkville Sportsplex.
The three stories and photographs by Kelly Daniels and Gwen Sisson were impressive. Those of us who are students of American history deeply appreciated the newspaper’s front page coverage. Hopefully, the Freedom Shrine can serve as both a source of reflection for all adults, as well as an educational stimulus for our local schools.
Some 100 student/teacher booklets were also purchased to be used in learning about the documents in the Freedom Shrine. They will be housed at the Sportsplex.
Parks and Recreation Director Matthew Rye will be encouraging local schools to utilize these study guides at the Sportsplex. He will make classroom space available for teachers, as well as provide audio-visual equipment and Internet access to those teachers who request it.
Thanks again for the great job the newspaper did on this project.
Many of us firmly believe that if we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. Perhaps, in some small way, the Freedom Shrine can serve as one of the focal points to learning American history.

Gene Martin, president
Starkville Exchange Club