Panel OKs conditional use for training facility

Local residents who cope with physical or mental disabilities might have a place closer to downtown to interact and take training classes.
The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended approval of a conditional use request for a day training center for the mentally and physically challenged adults.
Located on the northeast corner of North Montgomery Street and Womack Road,
The Florida Care Day Training Center's up-and-coming 8,500 square-foot facility will provide classes in horticulture, light woodworking, laundry, housekeeping, arts and crafts and daily living skills.
According the staff reports from the Starkville Building, Planning and Codes Dpartment, the proposed site is not an accident with Montgomery Street's "Angel Gardens" built for mentally challenged children and the further west "Parker House," a group home for the physically handicapped. Additionally, the further east "Rolling Hills," where many of Florida Care's clients live, provides intermediate care for the mentally retarded.
The current Florida Care Day Training Center is located on 1417 Highway 389 (North Jackson Street).
"In summary, all of Florida Care's clients live at one of these three buildings and it is easily understood how much more convenient it would be for them to attend class at the proposed location," City Planner Ben Griffith, wrote to the commission.
Florida Care expects to increase the number of its 75 clients to 100 and its employees from 15 to 20.
The commission also unanimously recommended approval to the Starkville Board of Aldermen a request to subdivide the new site of the day training center into two separate lots, one belonging to Florida Care with the assigned address of 208 Womack Street.
Actions from the commission are subject to final approval or reversal from the Board of Aldermen.