Parker-McGill dealership to open temporary lot

Austin Montgomery
City Reporter

Even while the permanent facility is under construction, the in-progress Paker-McGill car dealership will open a temporary sales lot at the Highway 12 site within the coming weeks.

City staff issued a business license to project officials on Feb. 12, City Clerk Lesa Hardin said.

"We are trying to get the site in the best possible position so that it is functional," said Parker-McGill Treasurer Steve Wright.

It's common for Chrysler facilities to open temporary lots, he said. The business license allows for a central, temporary trailer to act as the site's operational facilities until construction on the permanent building is complete.

"We hope to have cars on the temporary lot within the next 30 days, that's the goal," Wright said.

The entire dealership could be open around the end of August, he said.

"You have to remember it's a construction timeline and those tend to move around frequently," Wright said.

The roughly 26 acre site on Highway 12 is part of a larger tax increment financing district that will include two other dealerships, a restaurant, convenience store, office space and 15 residential units, according to the TIF plan document.

In June of last year, aldermen approved a $3 million, 15-year TIF bond to be secured by property and sales tax revenues in the district for infrastructure improvements.

The total construction cost is estimated around $21 million, according to the TIF plan.

It's estimated the TIF district—once complete—could generate over $400,000 in annual sales tax rebates, the plan stated.

"We will do whatever it takes to make it work," Wright said.