Parks Department charters Venture Crew

Youth ages 14 to 20 now have a new outdoor and service program available to them.
On Wednesday, the Starkville Parks Commission announced that it has chartered Venture Crew 53 through the Boy Scouts of America. The Venture initiative is a co-educational program offered by the Boy Scouts of America. Young men and women from ages 14 through 20 are invited to participate.
“High adventure outdoor programs are just another way that the Starkville Parks Commission strives to serve all people in our community,” said Matthew Rye, director of the Parks and Recreation Department.
“We are looking forward to getting this new program off the ground.”
The people involved in the Venture program choose the activities and services in which they participate while working to advance their leadership and citizenship skills. Activities such as hiking, camping, canoeing, climbing are emphasized as the participants advance through ranks toward a Ranger Award.
An organizational meeting is planned two weeks from today.
“We will be hosting our first meeting and participant sign up night on November 11,” said CeCelia Bowden, advisor to the newly chartered Venture Crew 53. “I cannot wait to see what they want to accomplish.”
Those are interested in assisting with the new Venture Crew or who are interested in joining the group can contact Bowden at by e-mail at or call 323-2604.