Preschoolers enjoy a special book at Storytime at the Maben Library

The book of the week is: HOW JACKRABBIT GOT HIS VERY LONG EARS by Heather Irbinskas and illustrated by Kenneth J. Spengler.
It was a beautiful day that the Lord made this past Friday morning, September 3, at the Maben Public Library as the tiny tots in the community arrived to participate in the story hour.
Today’s book was entitled How Jackrabbit Got His Very Long Ears, a book purchased for Story Hour by Dottie Dewberry on her trip out West. The story goes that the jackrabbit was created by the Great Spirit to run errands for him on earth.
In the story the jackrabbit was to deliver the other creations to their home in the desert, which is a harsh land in which to live as it had thorns, there was little water, and the sun burns hot every day.
But for the desert, the Great Spirit created special animals: the desert tortoise, the bobcat, the roadrunner, and several others. As the jackrabbit was escorting each animal to its home, they asked why they were either so slow, could not fly, or had a short tail. The jackrabbit made up these little stories about why but it made the animals feel bad.
So the Great Spirit came to the jackrabbit in his sleep and made his ears long so he would pay attention to what he is told to do.
The lesson for the children: pay attention to your parents and teachers.
After the story, Ms. Mary had color sheets of none other than a big jackrabbit in his natural habitat-the desert.
After coloring, we all got to play with the play dough and we all created jackrabbits. Life was good at the story hour.
The little tots looked through the books for Momma to read before next Friday.
After shouts of good bye, they all left until next week.