Preschoolers to enjoy special Listen to the Wind program

Wednesday’s story hour at the Starkville Public library will center around Listen to the Wind, a beautifully illustrated retelling of the story of Greg Mortenson and the children of Korphe, Pakistan.
Along with this fascinating tale, children will also enjoy stories set in Pakistan and Afghanistan, two countries in which Mortenson has helped build numerous schools, as well as a collage craft.
“Three Cups of Tea is such a powerful story of a people befriending a stranger and that stranger’s quest to help the community that welcomed him with open arms,” said laura Tramel, children’s librarian at the Starkville Public Library. “The children of our community need to hear this truly fascinating tale and others like it, to learn from and not just about children in other cultures, yet simultaneously identify with them, to respond to needs around the world in humility and always cloaked in the robes of relationship, the foundation of friendship.  I look forward to introducing them to Dr. Greg and the children of Korphe!”
Preschoolers are invited to attend this special story hour on Wednesday, September 22, at 10 a.m. or 1:30 p.m.
Preschool Story Hour meets regularly each Wednesday at the Starkville Public Library.