Price speaks to MSU Women’s Club

Mississippi State University’s new football and men’s basketball announcer Neil Price spoke at the MSU Women’s Club meeting on Friday, sharing his experience at MSU and his previous roles as sports announcers. (Photo by Sarah Raines, SDN)
Staff Writer

After announcing his first five games at Mississippi State University, the new “Voice of the Bulldogs” Neil Price was the guest speaker at the MSU Women’s Club’s October meeting on Friday at the Starkville Country Club.

Price shared his experience at MSU as the new announcer for football and men’s basketball, but he also told of his background and what inspired him to become an announcer.

“What has overwhelmed the most is how friendly everyone has been,” Price said, speaking of his time in Starkville. “I grew up in a town like this one and it was comforting to me to be able to come to a place that felt a lot like home.”

Growing up listening to play-by-play announcer John Ward at the University of Tennessee is what inspired Price go into the sports broadcasting field.

“John Ward made me want to take that step,” Price said. “I thought, this guy gets a free ticket to the game, and he gets to talk to all of these people, and I was one of those people hanging on every word he had to say.”

Price said his first reaction when thinking of pursuing the career was that nothing could be better than being a sports broadcaster, and nothing in his career has proved that idea wrong for him.

Price told of different influences on his career, like University of North Carolina announcer Woody Durham who taught him how to prepare before broadcasting, to University of Tennessee announcer Bob Kesling who taught him how to look and act the part.

The crowd was allowed to ask Price a few questions after he spoke.

What are your favorite times at MSU so far?

Price’s favorite memories, so far, are the first game because he had a long time to anticipate his new role before getting into the announcer seat, and then the LSU game because of the atmosphere of the game.

Do you plan to use a catch phrase?

Price said they have used previous announcer Jack Cristil’s phrase “Wrap this one in maroon and white” because people asked him to.

Price said the phrase was Cristil’s, but it also became a part of the tradition for MSU, and he plans to keep Cristil’s name associated with the phrase.

What is your favorite sport?

Price enjoys elements of all of the sports and the progression of the sports across the seasons. He said he enjoys football being outdoors during the summer and fall, basketball bringing things indoors when the weather turns cold, and going back outside for baseball.

Price’s thoughts on the Left Field Lounge:

“My first game here I came from Middle Tennessee to announce and it was the craziest-looking thing,” Price said. “Each person had their rig set up differently …

The people are always what makes something like that special, and the people here are not going to change, and it’s always going to be a really neat place.”