Proposal on table to make swimming sport at MSU

Tiger Christian
Staff Writer

There is a possibility that Mississippi State is on the verge of organizing a men’s and women’s Division I swimming program.
A proposal was written and submitted to MSU Athletic Director Scott Stricklin by swim coach Tiger Christian to establish the teams.
Christian has been told by Stricklin that a definite answer on whether the Bulldogs could move forward with the plan wouldn’t be known until September. That’s when the Title IX review would be completed.
If approved, there would be 14 women’s scholarships and 9.9 men’s scholarships added.
Christian said the Bulldogs would benefit greatly in having a swimming program.
“It has a very strong image to have a men’s and women’s team,” Christian said. “It’s a bigger statement. It’s bold and it shows that Mississippi State can get up there and compete with some of the best in the game. Their athletic program with the United States swimming community side would be the most respected athletic program in the country for doing it.”
For more on the proposal to bring a swimming team to MSU, see Saturday's Starkville Daily News.