SSD dress code lawsuit dismissed

A lawsuit asking a Circuit Court judge to overturn the Starkville School District’s dress code has been dismissed.
The lawsuit was filed in March of this year by parents Rosiland Ashford, Kate Fabel and Eve Priester to appeal a decision by the SSD Board of Trustees enacting a dress code mandating specific types of clothing for students.
The suit sought a temporary restraining order to prevent the policy from being enforced during the litigation and sought a permanent injunction against the members of the school board to force the policy to be overturned.
Ashford, Fabel and Priester requested the dismissal of the suit, indicating in court documents that they no longer wished to pursue the matter.
Judge Jim Kitchens Jr. accepted the request and dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice on Monday, according to court documents.
Dismissal with prejudice means the plaintiffs are barred from taking any legal action on the same claim.
The news of the dismissal was welcomed by SSD officials
“We’re pleased with the court’s decision to dismiss this suit with prejudice,” SSD Supt. Judy Couey said late Wednesday afternoon.