Students weigh in on true meaning of slogan, campaign

Mississippi State students have worn the shirts, heard the slogan and represented the meaning. But what do they have to say about being True Maroon?
“I think it represents MSU in the way where we can make up our own definition of what it means,” said Anna Skeen, a biological science major.
Skeen is among many who wore maroon on last week game day against Auburn and enjoyed showing her “true colors”.
“I’m very proud to be a Mississippi State Bulldog. The environment and the people just make you feel like a family. It’s definitely a family atmosphere on campus,” Skeen says.
The True Maroon slogan is showcasing the historical mascot at Mississippi State, Bully, and his history to the university. It also symbolizes the pride any State student can take away with being a Bulldog.
“We have so many traditions here and with the cowbell rules being put in place, it’s nice to be able to honor something else that means so much to our school.” Skeen says.
The True Maroon theme is “Hail State,” acknowledging the university’s distinctive and legendary fight song.
Without “Hail State,” there would be no reason to be True Maroon.
State’s tradition dates back to the 1930s when “Hail State” was written by a Meridian man, who did not even attend Mississippi State
The tradition is as strong today as it was then.
“It’s cool to see how much history is in our school. Not a lot of people get to really understand how much pride goes into this school. You go to game days and you see how many adults who graduated here back in the day and you see how much excitement they have to see the younger generations continuing on with these traditions,” Skeen says.
Ally Rice, an elementary education major, believes True Maroon is all about students showing their pride in their school, whether it be at games or in the classroom.
“True Maroon means pride in your school and showing up at every sporting event having no doubt in your mind that the bulldogs will win this game and every game no matter the circumstances,” Rice says.
According to Rice, when it comes to cheering on your football team, it comes down to one thing.
“It’s about having faith in your team,” Rice says.
Jaclyn Petty, a graphic design major, enjoys being apart of an environment where all students are different but come together in good and bad times.
“When there’s a huge game and the junction starts filling up in the morning for a night game, that’s when you really see how involved State students are. You see it in tragedy too; our school bonds together in the best of times and the worse of times,” Petty said.
Kristin Miller, a clinical exercise physiology major, knows that State students stick out from all the other schools in the state.
“If I had to describe True Maroon, it would be in one word: unity. I love how the True Maroon campaign has really brought all Mississippi State fans together regardless of their age,” Miller says.