Supes receive bids for waste management services

County Administrator Emily Garrard opens and discusses the waste services bid proposals during the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors meeting on Monday. (Photo by Logan Kirkland,SDN)
Staff Writer

The Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors received three bids for a possible change in waste management services for the county.

The board moved to take the proposals under advisement and look to make a decision at its next meeting.

In December, the board unanimously approved a request for proposals (RFP) to advertise for a new service.

During the December board meeting, President of the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors Orlando Trainer said he and the board have become "dissatisfied" with the current relationship and services with Golden Triangle Waste Services.

The three proposals came from Arrow Disposal Services, Inc., Waste Management of Mississippi, Inc. and Waste Pro.

ADSI's rate per household totaled at $9.22. The bid for recycling was $1,800 per drop-off location a month.

Waste Management of Mississippi's rate per household totaled at $13.64, with recycling options not available.

Waste Pro's bid totaled at $13.72 per household with a $100 cost per haul for recycling. They would provide a 40 cubic yard roll off container at no charge.

Trainer said the board is pleased with the bids each entity provided.

"From the pricing standpoint, it looks like that currently Waste Services may be better," Trainer said. "But I think that one of the issues the board was concerned about was service after the sale,"

Trainer said he understands the county will get what it pays for, but he wants to make sure they know the financial ramifications behind the possible agreements before making a decision.

"If the supervisors still want to go with a company that's going to provide better service, or either try another company for a year and just see exactly what type of service and what kind of experience we'll have, then I have no problem with that," Trainer said.

When asked if these bidders would be better than the county's current waste services agreement, Trainer said he thinks it would be unfair to say because there are going to be issues with any company they choose.

He said he does know the supervisors have strong concerns about the services the county is currently receiving.

"That's why we decided to go the way that we went," Trainer said."Now, whether we'll retain or continue with waste services or go another direction at this point, it remains to be seen."