Todays Storytime at the Starkville Public Library to feature Listen to the Wind

For the Daily News

The Preschool Story Hour this week at the Starkville Public Library will feature Listen to the Wind, the beautifully illustrated children’s version of Greg Mortenson’s best-seller Three Cups of Tea. The date is Wednesday, September 22 from 10-11 a.m. and again from 1:30-2:30 p.m. in the children’s area of the library.
Laura Tramel, children’s librarian, will read the story of Mortenson and the school he built for the children of Korphe, Pakistan. Along with this fascinating tale, preschoolers will also enjoy other stories set in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the two countries in which Mortenson built over 80 schools. They will also do a collage craft since the illustrations in the book are collages.
Laura Tramel encourages children and their parents to attend Wednesday’s special story hour dedicated to an exploration of Mortenson’s true story and other international tales: “Three Cups of Tea is a powerful story of people in the tiny remote village of Korphe, Pakistan who befriend a lost stranger. In return for their kindness, he promises to build them a school. In hearing this fascinating tale and others like it, the children of our community will identify with and learn from children of other cultures. I look forward to introducing them to Dr. Greg and the children of Korphe!”
Copies of the book, which were donated to the library by Starkville Reads, are available for check out.
Illustrating the story further are two displays in the windows that flank the entrance to the children’s area. In the display case to the left is a collage of K2, the mountain peak near Korphe which Mortenson attempted to climb. The collage shows not only the peak with snow at the summit, but also two figures in native dress and the bridge which the villagers built with supplies provided by Mortenson. This collage was designed and constructed by Rachel Hardin, an MSU student majoring in art who works part-time at the library.
In the display case to the right is a collection of dolls from many countries as well as various tea sets, helping to carry out the international theme. This display was assembled by Laura Tramel.
Other associated displays in the library which children (and adults) will enjoy are in the front entrance and at the entrance to the annex. Those in the front entrance contain dolls as well as shoes, jewelry, a tea set, an authentic male outfit, and other items from Pakistan and Afghanistan. The display cases at the entrance to the annex contain beautiful dresses from these two countries. The contents are on loan to the library from Shaz Akram and Wanda Cheek, who also set up the displays.
Greg Mortenson himself will speak at Humphrey Coliseum on the MSU campus on Thursday, September 23 at 7 p.m. Tickets, which are free but are required for admission, are available at several locations on the MSU campus and must be obtained prior to the event.