Vaughan's Vocabulary

Fellowship Baptist Church in Bellefontaine, 7 miles north of Eupora, is where I am serving as the interim pastor. Celebrating our 175th anniversary, the church asked me to write some of its history.
I came across an article titled “Sand-Clay Footprints” by Carl A. Ray, published Dec. 31, 1964 in the Tri-County Times. Federal troops had their noon meal at Bellefontaine on Dec. 30, 1864. The intrepid Benjamin H. Grierson, who had become a brigadier general, led a raid through an area including Choctaw, Oktibbeha and Webster counties. The aim was to destroy the Mobile and Ohio railroad, by hitting it at Tupelo and wrecking it as far south as Meridian.
Before the column resumed its march from Bellefontaine, Grierson directed 150 men of the 3rd Iowa and 120 men of the 4th Iowa for detached service. On the evening of Dec. 31, the two patrols that had been detached at Bellefontaine rejoined the troops. Hohenlinden, Bellefontaine, Greensboro and Bankston had been in the line of fire from the raid on the railroads.

1. intrepid (in-TREP-id)
A. dauntless (DAWNT-less)
B. abashed (uh-BASHED)
C. diffident (DIF-uh-dint)
D. inconspicuous (in-cun-SPI-kyu-wus)

Intrepid means resolutely fearless, courageous, dauntless.

2. retrospect (RE-truh-spect)
A. contemplation of the past
B. looking at something in various perspectives
C. repentance
D. All of the above

Ray wrote, “The week following Christmas in 1864 was not a time spent in looking in retrospect over the joyous, happy, and prosperous times of the year just closing, nor did our people look forward with renewed hope to 1865, for this week in 1864 saw federal troops storm through this tri-county area.” “In retrospect” is an idiom that means upon reflection. Retrospect can be used as a noun, an intransitive verb, and a transitive verb. A is the answer.

3. A group organized for special activity is a/an
A. avant-garde.(ah-vant-GARD).
B. brigade (bri-GADE).
C. cachet (kah-SHAY).
D. dilettante (DI-luh-tant).

4. detachedness (di-TA-chad-ness)
A. the state of standing by itself
B. inseparableness
C. cruelness
D. partiality

No. 3 is B. No. 4 is A. Put “im” in front of “partiality” and D would be apply. Detached means standing by itself, separate, unconnected. It also means exhibiting an aloof objectivity, such as a detached witness.
Last week’s mystery word clue: In John Singer Sargent’s “The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit,” I find the girls curiously. ... The word is isolated.
The first three letters in this week’s mystery word to solve are the same in the first part of the last name of the 19th Century Italian patriot who joined Mazzini’s Young Italy societies. I use this word to describe students who are dressed crudely or tastelessly colorful as they give their presentations.