Vibe premieres new bath balms

The "This little Light of Mine" bath balm is a partnership between Starkville's Vibe, LLC, and the Madison-based Musee Bath. The bath balm contains one of Vibe's GloDrinks liquid-activated lights at its core. (Submitted photo)
Staff Writer

Starkville startup Vibe, LLC, has launched a new product in conjunction with another Mississippi company.

On Thursday, Vibe and Madison-based Musee Bath rolled out the “This Little Light of Mine” bath balm, which has one of Vibe’s GloDrinks liquid-activated light cubes at the center.

Vibe co-founder Hagan Walker said the idea had been in the works for some time and came from many GloDrinks customers using the light cubes as bath and pool toys for their children. Walker also said co-founder Kaylie Mitchell’s love of bath balms was a driving factor.

“The natural progression was to put Glo in the middle of (a bath balm),” Walker said. “Then we heard about Musee. They’re massive, so we thought it would be a much better path for us to produce bath balms at scale.”

Mitchell and Walker founded Vibe in 2015 with help from the Mississippi State University Entrepreneurship Center.

Musee was founded in Madison in 2011, and is now the largest wholesale bath bomb producer in the U.S.

Musee is committed to using natural ingredients and making a difference through a faith-based work environment and inclusive hiring practices.

The “This Little Light of Mine” bath balm includes olive oil and cedarwood essential oil, as well as glitter and blue color. The bath balms are handmade by Musee in Mississippi.

The bath balms are available on Vibe’s website for $6.99.

“Our mission at Musee is to make an impact and be a light in our community,” said Musee founder Leisha Pickering. “I was so excited when we met with Hagan and Kaylie because the little light of Glo symbolizes exactly what we are trying to do with our company and we hope it will remind others that they can also be symbols of light in their own communities."

Walker said the product had been available for pre-sale at a market in Atlanta and sold 20,000 units over five days.

“I’m very excited," Walker said. "I feel like we’ll reach a new market and a more family-centered market.”