Volunteers needed for Rally

Like all large-scale festivals and events, the Sturgis South Motorcycle Rally is one that is volunteer-driven and has been since its inception 14 years ago.
Members of the Rally Board — the group that coordinates the event — are all volunteers, as are many that help support the operation of the event, which helps support various charities. This year’s Rally proceeds will help the Dixie Thunder Run and the Mississippi Military Emergency Relief Fund.”
“We do this Rally for the benefit of the charities and the town of Sturgis. We have a small core group of volunteers that help us year after year. These people have the same feeling that we do for the charities and the town of Sturgis,” said Rally Board president Donny Hanson.
“The group is so small that it is hard on them and us because of all the hard work required to put on this event.”
That’s why Rally organizers are seeking more volunteers to help spread the workload not only during the Rally this week, but also in organizing the event in future years, Hanson said.
“There is a lot of work involved, especially for the week the Rally is held, but the more volunteers that we get, the less work it is for each person. We know it gets hot, and we try to do everything we can afford to do to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone,” he said.
One place where volunteers are always needed is the registration stations for the event.
“We can always use the volunteer help at both of the registration stations. This year with the adding of the one day, we are having to open only one of the registration stations because of the lack of volunteers to man both stations on Thursday,” Hanson said. “I know people have to work and we understand that. This is why we make do with what we have to work with.”
Anyone interested in volunteering for the Rally can contact Hanson by e-mail at hsh750@bellsouth.net or one of the other Rally Board members.
“They can contact me and I will get them in touch with a board member that handles the areas needing workers,” Hanson said.