A Walk through the haunted Ordnance...

The night air is cold and dry at the abandoned Gulf Ordnance Factory in Prairie.
Nervous first-time hunters for spirits hiding in the World War II weapons plant step over fallen concrete that once was a ceiling.
On the second floor of a three-story building, Terry Sweeny asks three ghosts, a man and two women, to give everyone a sign of their presence.
He plays big-band hits from the 40's when the plant was active.
"Do you want me to turn it up louder?," he asks them.
Five lights on the electromagnetic field (EMF) meter go green.
"They love this," he says.
Terry and his wife, Stephanie, who founded the Mystic Mississippi Paranormal Society in 2008, are letting outsiders take part in a job in which they have become professionals.
"You're the ghost hunters tonight," Stephanie tells them, still standing in the building, where she also warns people to let her know if they get sick due to traveling energy.
The Amory-based team has investigated over 130 cases without pay in order to prove or disprove alleged hauntings.
And the things they've seen neither nature or modern science can explain.
"That's all we know," she said, "is sometimes things happen that we cannot completely understand."
But, using their own ears and sometimes an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) box, they have put together pieces of stories coming from what they believe to be people who have "passed from the body."
For the Sweeny's, the rush of fear is not a factor in their passion for sitting still and quiet, waiting for a response from the other side. They said it's more about listening to a fascinating story that was never written down from voices that not many people hear.
In the long tunnel of the Ordnance, which is also the sight of a Civil War battle, the ghost of a soldier named Philip has spoken with, walked around and even scratched one of the tag-alongs.
After repeated EVP sessions, Stephanie learned that Philip led 12 of his men into an ambush, and they all died.
"We don't know his last name yet," she said.
But they've caught his full apparition on camera and with their own eyes.
Members of the team have also seen a nurse walking with a wounded Confederate soldier in daylight as if they were real people.
And the more they know the more they want to find as with each investigation that leads to a ghost, the chase for information and interaction becomes addictive.
While on one Saturday hunt, night vision cameras picked up nothing out of the ordinary, one lady's hand-held video recording of the recording showed a traveling gold orb.
Inside the tunnel, one person asks Philip if he likes staying there and hears an immediate "no" from the voice box.
Later, the ghost of Michael, a 10-year-old boy, shines faint glows the size of Christmas lights not far from what the Mystic Society believes to be a vortex where spirits enter the Ordnance. Three people see the lights at the same time.
Later, after some of the tagalongs hold out their hands for Michael to touch, three of them tingle.
"He's trying," Terry said. "They were a lot more active last night."
He speculates that the massive amount of energy required for the ghosts to prove their presence leaves them drained.
Terry, a professed Christian, believes that these spirits continue their presence on the earth because they are afraid of God's judgment.
"But when Jesus comes back, they'll all be released," he said.